Bins / Waste Disposal

No one wants to worry about dirty, unhygienic bins. Teamforce will take care of it for you. As part of our routine services, we include bin and recycling services for all our properties.

We schedule our Team so that we can be at your property each week or more frequently if necessary to take out the bins for collection and return the next day to take in the bins to  their correct areas.

We also let council and strata know if a collection has been missed and we will return when they have picked up the missed collection.

We check to ensure that the recycling bins are sorted correctly.

Bins are cleaned and disinfected routinely to ensure a pleasant clean environment and to reduce infestation of pests.

We also take care of excess rubbish removal

We can assist with Council clean ups by organising our team to place items for collecttioin

We can also remove excess or dumped items and take them to the tip for an additional charge.