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A Complete Strata Maintenance Solution

Managing unit blocks, townhouses and villas and their respective common property can become a big management task. Coordinating and managing activities like strata cleaning, common property gardening or waste removal services can certainly eat into the time you have in your day.

Streamlining some of the maintenance of these properties and their upkeep can save you a lot of time.

How Important is a Clean Workplace?

Your staff can spend most of their waking hours at their workplace so how important is it for workplaces to be clean? Some might say very important, or extremely important. Others may think the quality of the cleaning at their workplace is more important than the number of times it is cleaned. 

The cleanliness of a workplace doesn’t just affect your staff, it also gives off an impression to clients, customers and other external stakeholders. We all want our businesses to give off a good impression now, don’t we! 

New Year - Time for a Clean for your Premises!

As office workers start to return in 2022 and the threat of another covid variant continues, a fresh cleaning service in your Sydney office or commercial space would be very beneficial to start the year off.

Some workers may feel a little concerned around the safety of returning to the office and mingling around others. Letting your staff know that an intensive clean has been completed over the break will assure your office staff that you’ve done everything you can to protect their health, wellbeing and safety as they return to work.

Update Your Retail Cleaning Plan these School Holidays

With the never-ending changes in the retail landscape in 2021, one thing remains constant: the retail calendar. We look forward to school holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and a two-month Christmas period. The post-Christmas sales starting with boxing day sales and ending with Back to School sales at the end of January, is one of the busiest periods of a shopping centre. There are more parents in the centre during January Monday to Friday with their children or teenagers hanging out in the food court. This requires extra cleaning, and with new coronavirus variants in Sydney, regular Covid 19 deep cleaning and sanitation is a must.

Deep Clean Your Office Space this Christmas Break

Take advantage of the Christmas break by deep cleaning your office spaces. Many offices close down or operate with a skeleton staff during the Christmas break making this the best time deep clean the office.

Preventative Covid-19 Measures at Shopping Centres during Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, rows of cars waiting to enter shopping centres, mother’s with babies in tow waiting for a photo with Santa, trolleys full of gifts and Christmas carols serenading you in every store you visit.

Is your office ready post Covid-19?

As Sydney returns to 'normal' post lockdown, we are hit with the reality that there is a new normal. Our workplaces have changed forever, and with it, the opportunity to rethink workplace planning, the importance of being present in the office, and safety. Although digital technologies allowed us to continue working and flourishing during the lockdown, nothing can substitute for human connection. 

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