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The Significance of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Office

This article will delve into the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance for your office, focusing on office cleaners in Sydney and industrial cleaning services.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Company?

 In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting the ideal commercial cleaning company in Sydney or near your residence that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.

Why is a Clean Reception Area Important for Your Business?

This article will majorly focus on the importance of maintaining a clean and welcoming reception area for your business. We will also shed light on the role of professional office cleaners in Sydney or anywhere around the world, commercial cleaning companies, and industrial cleaning services in ensuring a pristine and impressive reception area for your business.

7 Benefits of a Clean School Environment

Every area of a school requires diligent attention to ensure cleanliness and hygiene, from the classrooms to the playgrounds. In this article, we will explore seven significant benefits of a clean school environment in the Australian context.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Professional cleaning services are more than just a luxury; they are a practical solution for individuals and businesses seeking a clean and well-maintained space. With their expertise, specialised equipment, and attention to detail, professional cleaners ensure a level of cleanliness that goes beyond what average cleaning routines can achieve.

Why Regular Deep Cleaning is Important for Your Office?

Regular deep cleaning creates a positive first impression, promotes employee health and well-being, enhances indoor air quality, extends the lifespan of office furniture and equipment, boosts employee productivity and ensures compliance with health and safety regulations. 

The Best Practices for Medical Cleaning and Sanitisation

For medical centre cleaning, contact TeamForce cleaning services.

No Job Too Big!

TeamForce is ready for new challenges in 2023 and after having proven that there’s no job too big for us to take on, TeamForce is looking at offering our commercial cleaning services to Sydney’s sporting and entertainment stadiums. 

Shopping Centre and Sydney Retail Cleaning

It’s time to go shopping. We’re always shopping, aren’t we?!

If you’re a shopping mall or a retail shop, nothing puts off customers like a dirty shopping environment.

The Strata Cleaning Specialists

Complete strata cleaning is much too big a task to undertake if you’re a one man band.

So when it comes to commercial cleaning services in Sydney who can help you with cleaning strata properties, TeamForce has been the ‘go-to’ choice for more than 25 years.

Professional and Respectful Cleaning Services

Keeping a clean building is important for all building types, but is perhaps never more important than for those in charge of managing a place of worship, prayer or solitude.

Top Ten Reasons For Commercial Cleaning Services In The Public Sector

The public sector takes care of your local community, but who takes care of them?

If you manage a building in the public sector, then know that TeamForce can help you take care of your cleaning requirements with our professional and efficient commercial cleaning services.

Doing Even More For The Environment

TeamForce are the experts in green cleaning in Sydney, and that’s why we’ve taken our commitment for environmentally friendly cleaning one step further.

In addition to cleaning your organisation from top to bottom, we also offer NABERS Assessments. 

Industrial Building Cleaning

Few buildings get as dirty as those in the industrial sector – boxes, packaging and lots of foot traffic can create a lot of dust and dirt.

But that’s no excuse to let cleaning fall by the wayside.

Strata Gardening and Cleaning Services

Are you a strata manager in need of some help cleaning or gardening?

TeamForce has been an industry leader when it comes to commercial and strata cleaning for more than 25 years, across the greater Sydney region.

Building Caretaking and Concierge Services

In addition to strata cleaning, TeamForce provides strata owners more than just a fantastic, eco-friendly clean. With our wealth of experience cleaning strata buildings, we also offer strata building caretaking and concierge services.

Strata Bin Management and Waste Removal

When it comes to taking out the trash, many people forget to actually clean the bins themselves. It’s not just the rubbish inside the bin that needs attending to, the bin itself should be regularly.

Top Summer Cleaning Tips

Now that we’re all well rested and enjoying the sunny days, it’s also a good time to get those cleaning tasks completed, that sometimes take a back seat during other busier times of the year. 

What Makes TeamForce Different?

There’s a plethora of commercial cleaning services available in Sydney, but not all are the leading green cleaning company, like TeamForce.

Back to School

Back to school is upon us!

It’s 2023 and the holidays are well and truly over. Sadly, it’s back to work for some. But for students, it’s the start of a new school year and the excitement of catching up with old friends again!

Back to the Office

Believe it or not, February is now well and truly upon us, and 2022 is totally in the rearview mirror!

That means that for those of us who aren’t remotely based for work, it’s time to start heading back to the office – back to reality.

Office Cleaning Over the Holiday Break

Given that it’s holiday season, it’s a great time to give your office a deep clean when there’s less foot traffic!

With the office less busy during the holiday season or even just with more staff staying at home at this time, take advantage of the quietness and organise your  office cleaning services in Sydney!

Professional, Thorough Medical Centre and Covid 19 Deep Cleaning Services in Sydney

Medical centre cleaning is more important than ever since the Covid 19 virus outbreak. Yes, the world has reopened, but the need to keep your medical centre clean and Covid 19 free is still a top priority.

The good news is that summer is here, which generally means fewer people are getting sick, for the most part.

Cleaning All Spaces and Places!

Today we’re keeping it simple, and want to highlight just some of the business sectors that we provide commercial cleaning services to in Sydney, and what the benefits are of hiring our team at TeamForce.

Get Your Store Back On Its Feet!

TeamForce are the professionals when it comes to commercial and covid 19 deep cleaning services for retail spaces in Sydney.

Leading Providers of Eco Friendly Medical Centre Cleaning

TeamForce are the leading green cleaning company. You’d be hard pressed to find another who can provide an eco friendly commercial cleaning service in Sydney quite like the pros at TeamForce.

Three Reasons to get Help with your Strata Cleaning

For more than 25 years we’ve been perfecting our craft to become the ‘go-to’ solution when Sydney’s strata owners need a little bit of extra help keeping their spaces not just clean, but immaculate!

The Three Big Benefits of Regular Commercial Cleaning

TeamForce are the premier commercial cleaning service provider in Sydney for more than 25 years. Whatever sort of workplace it is, we’re the first choice when it comes to a high quality, commercial cleaning solution.

Sydney’s Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service Solution

When it comes to finding the right green cleaning in Sydney, TeamForce is the industry leader, and has been for more than 25 years.

We take immense pride in the work that we do, so whatever kind of organisation you need cleaned, we’ll do it professionally, with a smile, and above all else, we’ll do it green.

Educational Facilities Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning a school or educational facility such as a university is a job in itself – that’s why it’s good to leave it to the professionals to ensure the job gets done right the first time, every time. 

With a high level of traffic flow and a bustling, busy environment, when the day finally ends at school or uni, cleaning is always in order! 

Gardening and Permaculture In Your Strata Property

With the increase of communal style living like strata unit buildings and townhouse or villa complexes, now more than ever is the need for inviting and green outdoor spaces so vitally important. 

Outsourcing Your Commercial Cleaning Services In Sydney

Although it needs to be done, cleaning is not a job for everyone. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to oursource the commercial cleaning services in Sydney that you require. 

The Importance Of Eco Friendly Commercial Cleaning In Sydney

Green cleaning Sydney may seem like a bit of a ‘buzz word’, but yes, it is a thing – for many different reasons. 

Covid 19 Deep Cleaning Services Sydney Ahead Of Christmas

Remaining healthy and safe ahead of the Christmas break is of utmost importance for all of us – scheduling in some covid 19 deep cleaning services in Sydney should be right up there on your to-do list, to ensure your workplace stays clean, hygienic and healthy for everyone. 

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Floors get a huge workout, all the time. 

Non stop foot traffic day in, day out – now that we’re at the end of another year, no wonder you feel like it’s time for some commercial floor cleaning! 

The Importance Of Retail Cleaning For Christmas

Oh, the silly season is just around the corner! 

Time to book in additional retail cleaning services to ensure you’re retail store is welcoming, clean and tidy for the increase in additional customers. 

Summer Cleaning Tips – Planning For The Holiday Break

The holiday season is fast approaching us and that means offices and workplaces get a rest from the constant foot traffic. 

Strata Gardening and Landscaping Services

With the increase in communal style living set ups and the move away from traditional homes on a block of land, you’ve got more people than ever before living in unit blocks, apartments or townhouse style real estate. 

School Commercial Cleaning – Planning For The Holiday Break

As we head into the end of what was more like a ‘normal’ school year than we have had the past couple of years, it’s time now to start considering the commercial cleaning services in Sydney that are required for your school. 

Client Testimonial – Professional, Proactive and A Can-Do Attitude

TeamForce have been providing commercial cleaning services in Sydney for over 25 years, providing impeccable green cleaning solutions in Sydney for multiple, unique industry sectors - commercial and industrial businesses, retail shops, medical centres, schools, places of worship, strata buildings, office spaces as well as government buildings and workplaces. 

Retail and Shopping Centre Cleaning Services

Retail cleaning services have never been more important. 

We all know that first impressions definitely count and these days, the competition for attention in a retail environment, is fierce. 

Cleaning Your Office

When considering cleaning your office, there are things you need to think about first before diving in. 

TeamForce Commercial Cleaning Services And Our Values

TeamForce are known as the leading green cleaning co. for over 25 years, providing effective, professional and reliable commercial cleaning services in Sydney and across regional parts of NSW. 

Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

Commercial cleaning services in Sydney are important for all styles of businesses. 

Whether you work in a showroom, an office, a retail store or are a volunteer in a place of worship, all commercial spaces need cleaning and attending to. 

Covid 19 Deep Cleaning Services Sydney

When thinking about your requirements for commercial cleaning services in Sydney, there’s a lot to consider and plan. 

It’s not just a matter of your general cleaning requirements, there’s also deep cleaning, high pressure cleaning and more so nowadays, covid 19 deep cleaning services in Sydney. 

Strata Cleaning Services

Unfortunately strata buildings don’t maintain themselves - they need consistent maintenance, cleaning and attending to. 

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Well it’s that time of year again – spring has sprung - hooray! Which means if you’re a business, it’s time to look into commercial spring cleaning services in Sydney. 

Key Differences Between Commercial General Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

If you’re on the lookout for a commercial cleaning company to provide all your business commercial cleaning services but you’re not sure exactly what you need, then keep reading. 

Warehouse and Industrial Cleaning Services

TeamForce provides a complete range of commercial cleaning services and solutions to warehouses and industrial style buildings across Sydney and other parts of NSW. 

The industrial business sector generally calls for more larger scale cleaning with substantially larger spaces housing a multitude of items, requiring customised cleaning solutions depending what is residing in the warehouse or industrial space. 

Staff Profile – James

When considering your commercial cleaning services in Sydney, TeamForce are the leading green cleaning company. 

We have an array of skilled and professional staff who deliver excellent results and outstanding customer service at each and every cleaning job, whether it be retail cleaning services or eco friendly commercial cleaning in Sydney. 

Strata Cleaning, Strata Bin & Waste Management

Are you on the search for one of the reliable strata cleaning companies in Sydney? 

Running a successful business and/or strata complex takes much planning and a lot of hard work. But one of the key things some people sometimes overlook when considering how they will run a successful business or successfully manage a strata complex, is the overall cleanliness of the premises. 

Our Full Suite of Commercial Cleaning Services

Never before has cleaning been so important. 

Reliable, professional and experienced commercial cleaning services are vital for every business, no matter the industry sector! Whether it’s office cleaning services, medical centre cleaning or industrial cleaning services in Sydney, TeamForce have got you covered! 

Reasons You Should Employ A Commercial Cleaning Company

Want to know the main reasons why you should hire a commercial cleaning services company in Sydney? 

Keeping your office, industrial or commercial space clean and hygienic isn’t just a want – it’s a need.

Strata Cleaning and Maintenance Made Easy

Strata cleaning and bin management in Sydney should be high on the priority list. 

Green Cleaning Solutions Greater Sydney

Are you on the search for a reliable and efficient commercial green cleaning solution in greater Sydney?

It seems we’re continually informed and updated about the latest wave of covid variants hitting our schools, aged care facilities and hospitals.

Retail Cleaning Services

The retail cleaning services you engage could make or break how customers interact with your shopping mall, plaza or shop. 

When it comes to retail space, customer experience is a very important factor for consideration. 

Commercial Cleaning After Excessive Rain

If you’ve ever wondered if excessive rain can lead to additional commercial cleaning requirements, well the answer is ‘yes’! 

Over the past few months, we’ve seen an abnormal amount of rain across Sydney and the eastern seaboard.

Medical Centre Cleaning

More than ever before, medical centre cleaning is of the utmost importance. 

We live in a time where people are concerned about viruses spreading and there is a lot of fear going into public places where others could be unwell, like a medical centre. 

TeamForce - The Leading Green Cleaning Company

For those of you who are new and haven’t heard of TeamForce before, we’re the leading green cleaning company in Sydney and specialise in eco friendly and commercial cleaning services for large and small buildings.

Top Winter Cleaning Tips

Now that we’re all well and truly dressed in our winter woollies, it’s also a good time to get those cleaning tasks completed, that sometimes take a back seat during other busier times of the year.

Commercial Cleaning Checklist For Schools Over The Winter Break

We’re well and truly into the winter season here in Sydney, and for many schools, it’s time to book in a commercial cleaning service over the winter school holidays. 

The flu has certainly made a come back with a vengeance this year, with many students missing much more school than in previous years, according to many teachers.

High Quality Office Cleaning Post Covid 19

High quality office cleaning in Sydney post covid 19 is imperative.

Remember the days when we used to go to work sick and people were even scared to call in sick?

Their perseverance was seen as a noble thing to do, demonstrating a commitment to the job.

Refine Your Retail Cleaning Plan

When it comes to cleaning, there’s always room for improvement and with the never-ending changes in the retail landscape over the past 2 years, you can never be too careful with thorough cleaning and maintenance. Retail cleaning services in Sydney have never been more essential!

We’re Hiring in NSW!

Looking for a new job in Sydney or regional NSW?

We might just have the role for you! We’re excited to share the commercial, industrial and strata cleaning positions we currently have available and can’t wait to hear from you.

Introducing Angie – TeamForce Staff Profile

This week, we go behind the scenes at TeamForce and sit down to chat with one of TeamForce’s key team members, Angie L. 

Angie’s been with TeamForce now for 2 years and 7 months and her role has evolved and developed quite a lot, over that time.

We Provide NABERS Building Assessments and Building Management Services

Need a NABERS Building Assessment done? 

TeamForce are an Accredited NABERS Assessor and can provide this service for your building in greater Sydney and NSW, along with Building Management services. 

We’re all looking at ways to live happier and healthier lives, and most people would agree, we’d all like to provide a happy and healthy environment for our children and future generations.

Cleaning Places of Worship

With the continued reopening of businesses post the recent covid lockdowns, community buildings such as libraries and places of worship are beginning to function again with larger groups of people visiting more regularly. 

People are starting to feel safe to start congregating together again and getting back to living their lives again. 

Hooray for this!

Industrial Cleaning

For over 25 years, TeamForce have proudly provided bespoke, customised cleaning solutions for hundreds of businesses in metro and greater Sydney.

We are excited to announce that TeamForce are now servicing other regions of NSW. 

One of the key sectors we provide large scale cleaning services to in Sydney, is the industrial business sector. The industrial premises which we clean are all very unique and require specialised attention and custom cleaning approaches.

Top 5 Reasons You Need Commercial Cleaning

It’s one of those things isn’t it - cleaning. 

We all need to do it, and we all know it’s important to do. But do we spend enough time attending to all the cleaning that we actually need? Probably not! 

Although you may have a good internal cleaning system at your workplace or business, there’s always some cleaning tasks that may be overlooked or that are better left for the professionals.

Focus On Chemform Green Cleaning Products

As the leading green cleaning company in NSW, TeamForce not only provide high quality commercial cleaning services for all types of business sectors, they also maintain an environmentally sustainable and green cleaning solution approach across the entire spectrum of their cleaning service offering.

Consistently High Quality Commercial Cleaning – Client Testimonial

Customised cleaning solutions that are reliable, safe and secure.

Today we hear directly from one of TeamForce’s long standing clients on our exceptional service and consistently high standard of cleaning.

Take The Headache Out Of Bin Cleaning & Waste Management

When it comes to cleaning bins, taking out the rubbish and overall waste management, it’s generally not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about running a successful business or strata complex. 

In saying that, most business owners and strata managers would agree that a clean, hygienic rubbish procedure and spotless bin presentation is a top priority.

Tips On Keeping Your Retail Space Clean

Your retail space is the home of your products and services. 

Not only do you want to have a clean and hygienic retail space for staff and customers with the ongoing threat of viruses, you should also be creating a space that is welcoming to be in and presents your retail offering - your products or services - in the best possible light. 

There are plenty of tips and tricks when it comes to keeping on top of the cleanliness and presentation of your retail store – it shouldn’t just be an overall commercial cleaning service ensuring your store stays up to scratch.

The Importance Of A Clean Retail Space

It’s one thing to have a retail store that looks clean and inviting, creating a welcoming environment for patrons. But it’s another thing considering other potential benefits of a clean and tidy retail store. 

A clean retail space isn’t just for the health and wellbeing of staff and customers, there’s so much more to consider. 

So what are some of the other benefits of clean retail store?

Commercial Cleaning in Schools

The next generation have had a bumpy couple of school learning years with the combination of lockdowns, home learning and navigating through the world with Covid-19. 

Australian schools have had to ‘up the ante’ with cleaning standards and output in schools to ensure the health and safety of staff and students alike.

5 Easy Ways To Declutter & Organise Your Desk

When it comes to keeping your desk organised and clean, it’s so easy to let your desk get out of control with paperwork, samples, files or other things.

It can be hard to be productive around clutter or piles of paperwork and it can be difficult to concentrate. A clean and ordered workspace can assist employees becoming more efficient and attending to actual ‘to-dos’ and getting their job done as there’s less visual distractions.

Handy Tips and Tricks on Keeping Your Workspace Tidy

Having a disorganised and untidy workspace can affect how your employees feel at work and this can ultimately affect their productivity and output. No one wants their employees to feel unmotivated! 

Appointing a reliable and efficient commercial cleaning company like TeamForce is important when looking to maintain an overall hygienic and clean environment, but what about the day to day things? What other bits and pieces can you implement or encourage to help ensure a clean workspace is achieved?

Our Full Suite of Office Cleaning Services

Do you have a reliable and proficient cleaning company looking after your office’s cleaning requirements? It’s important you have a company that is trustworthy, professional and reliable to ensure your office space is always looking clean, tidy and presentable.

TeamForce specialise in office cleaning services. Our full service goes above and beyond the office itself, and includes multiple areas around the office space which sometimes can be overlooked however also need attention.


Gardening, Landscaping & Permaculture in Your Commercial or Strata Property

Part of the beauty of a property can be its exterior environment – how it looks and feels upon arrival. We all know the importance of a first impression and how it can make or break someone’s feeling about you. 

This concept also applies to properties! When a prospective tenant or purchaser of a common block visits for the first time, potentially for an inspection to see if they like the place, one of the first experiences they will encounter is the garden, landscaping and overall external presentation of the property.

Importance of Using Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Never before has using eco, sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services been so important. With the ever increasing concern around climate change and pollution across the globe, it’s become more than just a ‘good thing to do’ - many individuals and businesses genuinely care about the state of our planet and how the things we do and products we use can affect it. In addition to the planet concerns, more care factor is being placed on the potential negative effects of using chemicals around human beings and animals alike.

Take Advantage of our Building Caretaking Service

As Commercial Cleaning Experts in Sydney, we’ve come to know what our clients’ needs are and how to further support them. Not only do we provide bespoke cleaning services for the commercial, strata and industrial sectors, we also provide a Building Caretaking Service, further removing the hassle of managing strata buildings and environments.

Commercial Cleaning for all Spaces!

Now that we’re all well into 2022, it’s a great time to assess your commercial cleaning requirements in Sydney. TeamForce currently serves many businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Perhaps it’s time you did that thorough office clean on all blinds that you’ve put off for a year, or maybe your external window facades need a good going over?

A Complete Strata Maintenance Solution

Managing unit blocks, townhouses and villas and their respective common property can become a big management task. Coordinating and managing activities like strata cleaning, common property gardening or waste removal services can certainly eat into the time you have in your day.

Streamlining some of the maintenance of these properties and their upkeep can save you a lot of time.

How Important is a Clean Workplace?

Your staff can spend most of their waking hours at their workplace so how important is it for workplaces to be clean? Some might say very important, or extremely important. Others may think the quality of the cleaning at their workplace is more important than the number of times it is cleaned. 

The cleanliness of a workplace doesn’t just affect your staff, it also gives off an impression to clients, customers and other external stakeholders. We all want our businesses to give off a good impression now, don’t we! 

New Year - Time for a Clean for your Premises!

As office workers start to return in 2022 and the threat of another covid variant continues, a fresh cleaning service in your Sydney office or commercial space would be very beneficial to start the year off.

Some workers may feel a little concerned around the safety of returning to the office and mingling around others. Letting your staff know that an intensive clean has been completed over the break will assure your office staff that you’ve done everything you can to protect their health, wellbeing and safety as they return to work.

Update Your Retail Cleaning Plan these School Holidays

With the never-ending changes in the retail landscape in 2021, one thing remains constant: the retail calendar. We look forward to school holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and a two-month Christmas period. The post-Christmas sales starting with boxing day sales and ending with Back to School sales at the end of January, is one of the busiest periods of a shopping centre. There are more parents in the centre during January Monday to Friday with their children or teenagers hanging out in the food court. This requires extra cleaning, and with new coronavirus variants in Sydney, regular Covid 19 deep cleaning and sanitation is a must.

Deep Clean Your Office Space this Christmas Break

Take advantage of the Christmas break by deep cleaning your office spaces. Many offices close down or operate with a skeleton staff during the Christmas break making this the best time deep clean the office.

Preventative Covid-19 Measures at Shopping Centres during Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, rows of cars waiting to enter shopping centres, mother’s with babies in tow waiting for a photo with Santa, trolleys full of gifts and Christmas carols serenading you in every store you visit.

Is your office ready post Covid-19?

As Sydney returns to 'normal' post lockdown, we are hit with the reality that there is a new normal. Our workplaces have changed forever, and with it, the opportunity to rethink workplace planning, the importance of being present in the office, and safety. Although digital technologies allowed us to continue working and flourishing during the lockdown, nothing can substitute for human connection. 

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