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Is your office ready post Covid-19?


We've all had a colleague who comes into work continuously coughing and soldiers on. When this happens, and they are sent home, their working space should undergo a thorough clean. All surfaces and objects that may have been contaminated and high contact areas such as toilets, door handles, kitchens, and other communal spaces. This is a lot of space, especially for small offices.

In this case, or even as a preventative measure before everyone returns to work, a Covid 19 Deep Clean is vital.

What is Covid 19 Deep Cleaning?

When looking for a company that offers Covid 19 Deep Cleaning Services, ensure that they work following the Safe Work Australia standards. It is a process that intensively cleans your office methodically one space at a time. After the deep clean, the office is entirely disinfected from top to bottom.

You do not need to close the office when requesting a deep clean. This service can be done during the weekend when the office is generally empty or after work. However, when the timing is of the essence, especially if the office space has been compromised and exposed to coronavirus, it is best to request your workers to work from home for a day to allow for a rapid, deep cleaning service response.

The importance of regular sanitation

Regular sanitation doesn't replace a Covid-19 Deep cleaning service. It does assist in providing a healthy and safe environment. Regular sanitation and disinfection of workstations, bathrooms, kitchens, and meeting rooms will provide your staff peace of mind.

Chemical Free Green Cleaning Solutions

With an increasing demand for clean office space, eco-friendly cleaning is the way forward. Not only is this better for the environment at large, but you won't have to worry about the chemicals used by your commercial cleaning company and how they may affect you, your employees, or your clients.

Green cleaning products such as Chemform Green provides performance, quality and safety. These products do not compromise your health or the cleanliness of your environment.

At TeamForce, our specialists' rapid response Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Team is ready to lend a hand when you receive confirmation that your office is compromised. We can include preventative measures such as regular sanitation as part of your cleaning requirements for a thorough program.

As Sydney's leading green cleaning company, we use only the safest and reliable Chemform Green products to ensure your employees remain safe and healthy from harsh chemicals for your peace of mind.

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