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Preventative Covid-19 Measures at Shopping Centres during Christmas


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, rows of cars waiting to enter shopping centres, mother’s with babies in tow waiting for a photo with Santa, trolleys full of gifts and Christmas carols serenading you in every store you visit.

After Sydney’s lockdown, the Christmas planners (who usually shop before October), the daily Christmas shoppers and the latecomers are all venturing in-stores now to utilise all their senses, having been deprived of touching, smelling and feeling the products they wish to purchase.

Although customers are encouraged to abide by the 1.5m rule, this is hard to enforce. With Sydneysiders soon to be unmasked and a new coronavirus variant in the air, the shopping centre and the stores within it can pose a health and safety risk. With the additional visitation that the Christmas season brings (more than double the number of people visiting daily than between February – June), your retail cleaning service specialists is required to be extra vigilant.


Extended Shopping Hours

With extended shopping hours starting from 8am and in bigger malls ending at 12 midnight, adding extra cleaners where there is usually skeleton staff is paramount to the health and safety of customers. Asking your commercial cleaning service providers to increase staff during lunchtime is critical to meet the cleanliness standards required, especially around the food and dining areas, not to mention emptying all the bins to avoid overflow.


Preventative Measures

Preventative measures such as regular sanitation and disinfection are best to add to the regular retail cleaning service during this time. With Santa Parades, Christmas events, and even Santa Pet Photos where animals from eagles to labradors can enter the shopping centre, it pays to increase sanitation and disinfection practices with your commercial cleaning company.


Covid 19 Deep Cleaning

It is not out of the ordinary to assume that a store or a section of the shopping centre can be exposed to Covid 19 this season. It is best that you have a Covid 19 deep cleaning plan with your commercial retail cleaning company so you are able to quickly respond and carry out in-depth decontamination, disinfection and sanitation services to safeguard your environment to the highest standards.

Time is of the essence and the longer a section of the centre is closed, the less turnover the stores are able to garner with many needing to recoup their losses from the lockdown during this period. It pays to have a flexible plan in place for a Covid 19 Deep Cleaning as part of your Christmas period risk assessments.

At TeamForce we work in accordance with the Safe Work Australia standards and adhere to all safety guidelines. We provide ongoing staff training so that you can rest assured that you receive best practices and up to date solutions including Infection Control Training.

We offer Covid 19 Deep Cleaning with regular sanitation and disinfection to all our retail cleaning service clients for their peace of mind. Let us assist you in getting your environments safe and clean quickly so that you can enjoy your space without fear.

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