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Update Your Retail Cleaning Plan these School Holidays


With the never-ending changes in the retail landscape in 2021, one thing remains constant: the retail calendar. We look forward to school holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and a two-month Christmas period. The post-Christmas sales starting with boxing day sales and ending with Back to School sales at the end of January, is one of the busiest periods of a shopping centre. There are more parents in the centre during January Monday to Friday with their children or teenagers hanging out in the food court. This requires extra cleaning, and with new coronavirus variants in Sydney, regular Covid 19 deep cleaning and sanitation is a must.


Sanitising Play Areas

Most shopping centres have one or more play areas for children under 10, and in January, there are also kids holiday activities and pop-up leases are catered explicitly to children. As part of your commercial cleaning plan, allow for these health and safety solutions in January for these children’s zones:

  • A dedicated cleaner
  • Daily sanitation of play areas before or after the end of trade
  • Regular Covid 19 Deep Cleaning service
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products


Green cleaning products are made with plant-based renewable resources, classified as non-dangerous, safe, and perform at a high standard. Not only will the use of these products be good for the environment, but it will also add to the centre’s sustainability initiatives and will cause no harm to your customers.


Bin Management Services

Overflowing bins are unsightly and, in busy periods, can be overlooked. The tight rotation schedule for cleaners in a mall will suffice in the non-School Holiday periods. In January, it is best to add extra cleaners in the shopping centre cleaning rotation to ensure that no spills can cause an accident or a bin overflowing inside the centre and in car park areas.

With many shopping centres adding recycling bins with the general use bins in-centre. The additional cleaners added during the workday shift can sift out non-recyclable items so that the recycling pile will not be compromised.


Covid 19 Deep Cleaning

Customers trust that it is safe for them to enter a shopping centre. Many people hesitate to be in public spaces for very long, which is detrimental to the turnover of many tenants in a shopping centre. So adding regular Covid 19 deep cleaning services in your commercial cleaning contract must be considered. Yes, a quick response from your cleaning team to carry out in-depth decontamination, disinfection and sanitation is great, but adding a Covid 19 deep cleaning service as part of the cleaning maintenance, especially in busy periods, will gain your tenants and customers trust.

At TeamForce, we offer Covid 19 Deep Cleaning with regular sanitation and disinfection to our retail cleaning service clients

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