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Focus On Chemform Green Cleaning Products

Focus On Chemform Green Cleaning Products

As the leading green cleaning company in NSW, TeamForce not only provide high quality commercial cleaning services for all types of business sectors, they also maintain an environmentally sustainable and green cleaning solution approach across the entire spectrum of their cleaning service offering. 

It has become a part of each and every business’s priorities to consider the environment, their company carbon footprint and ultimately implementing practical ways of taking care of the Earth moving into the future. 

When it comes to cleaning, these days we all know enough now about how harsh chemicals can have a toxic effect - with the ability to destroy and erode natural habitats and environments, not only for humans but for all living beings. 

Even as individuals, we can all take small steps in the right direction and make wiser choices, even with little things like recycling and reusing where we can. 

Defining Eco Friendly Green Cleaning Products 

What does a ‘green cleaning product’ actually mean? 

Sometimes it can be hard to know the true meaning of the word ‘green’ when it comes to products, product names or their packaging. 

When it comes to cleaning products, the definition is very clear and the product or formulation must meet certain minimum standards in order to be truly classified as an eco friendly or green cleaning product. 

So what are some of the factors to look out for if you require a ‘green’ or ‘eco friendly’ cleaning product? 

Some of the criteria of a green or eco friendly cleaning product should include: 

  • The product should be classified as non-dangerous
  • Detergents must use only readily biodegradable ingredients of a specific standard
  • Products should be made from plant based renewable resources wherever possible
  • The product should contains no phosphates, oil-based hydrocarbons, chlorine, chlorinated hydrocarbons, carcinogens, alkyl phenol ethoxylates or heavy metals
  • Industrial degreasers should break down quickly
  • Waste is minimised with respect to product packaging, and made of a recyclable material 

How TeamForce Uses Green Cleaning Products To Care For The Environment 

At TeamForce, one of the primary ways of caring for our environment is the use of green cleaning products for our commercial cleaning services. TeamForce uses the Chemform green range of cleaning products which are eco friendly and environmentally sustainable. 

Chemform’s green cleaning products are superior, safe and the ‘go to’ when it comes to choosing a green or eco cleaning solution for commercial cleaning requirements. 

Benefits of Chemform Green Cleaning Products 

As an Australian family-owned and operated business since 1978, Chemform had a vision to create non-dangerous BUT equally effective chemicals which they have successfully done. Through scientific technology, safer alternatives were created. 

Chemform cleaning products have a reputation for delivering quality products and excellent service. 

TeamForce have been in the commercial cleaning industry for over 25 years, providing impeccable eco friendly cleaning solutions for multiple unique industry sectors - commercial and industrial businesses, retail shops, medical centres, schools, places of worship, strata buildings, office spaces as well as government buildings and workplaces. 

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, experienced and eco friendly commercial cleaning company, contact TeamForce today

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