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Our Full Suite of Commercial Cleaning Services

Our Full Suite of Commercial Cleaning Services

Never before has cleaning been so important. 

Reliable, professional and experienced commercial cleaning services are vital for every business, no matter the industry sector! Whether it’s office cleaning services, medical centre cleaning or industrial cleaning services in Sydney, TeamForce have got you covered! 

We’re the leading green cleaning company and provide bespoke cleaning solutions for all sizes and types of businesses.  We have: 

  • High Quality of Service
  • Over 25 Years Experience
  • Green and Eco Friendly Cleaning Products With Carbon Offsetting
  • Covid 19 Updated Cleaning Practices
  • Fully Insured
  • Transparent Pricing and Fair Wage 

If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning company you can trust, then look no further. 

Today we’re going to discuss some of the key business sectors that we service on a regular basis. Let’s take a look: 

Industrial Cleaning Services Sydney 

We offer a range of industrial cleaning services to various business within this sector. Our experience covers buildings such as: warehouses, flex buildings, R&D buildings, manufacturing buildings, distribution buildings, cold storage buildings and showroom buildings. 

Retail Cleaning Services 

Our well equipped and trained staff have experience in cleaning various retail layouts, small and large. Our retail cleaning services span across retail environments such as shopping malls, retail outlets, boutiques and shops. 

Office Cleaning Service Sydney 

TeamForce can assist with your office cleaning requirements delivering a clean and tidy workplace for your employees. If you’re looking for office cleaning services in Sydney, you’ll always receive a very high standard of care and reliability from TeamForce. 

Medical Centre Cleaning 

It’s important to maintain a very high level of cleanliness and hygiene in a medical centre for patients, doctors, nurses and health care staff. 

By engaging TeamForce for your medical centre cleaning, you can ensure your environment is spotless, fresh and clean. 

Strata Cleaning and Gardening Services 

As an experienced commercial cleaning company specialising in strata complexes, we know what’s required to effectively manage the cleaning, maintenance and gardening services for properties across NSW. 

Government and Public Buildings Cleaning 

Our reliable, safe and secure cleaning solutions service all types of premises in the public sector – military, education, transport and government, taking on board the sensitive nature and regulations around working in such environments. 

Primary and High School Cleaning 

TeamForce will work with you to ensure a clean, safe and hygienic environment for teaching staff and students alike. Our customised commercial cleaning service is built around your requirements and individual facilities. 

Places of Worship Cleaning 

When it comes to places people come together to worship, celebrate, mourn or commemorate, TeamForce has highly trained cleaning staff who excel in their professionalism and efficiency. 

We service churches, cemeteries, memorial parks, mausoleums and funeral homes.

We’re proud to be the leading green cleaning company across NSW. 

For over 25 years TeamForce have provided high quality, bespoke cleaning plans and services across multiple industries – retail cleaning services, office cleaning services, industrial cleaning services and general commercial cleaning services in Sydney. 

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, experienced and eco friendly commercial cleaning company, contact TeamForce today. 

Call: 02 9567 4526 to discuss your individual commercial cleaning requirements. 

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