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Strata Cleaning and Maintenance Made Easy

Strata Cleaning and Maintenance Made Easy

Strata cleaning and bin management in Sydney should be high on the priority list. 

It’s important to keep your strata property looking its best for many reasons: 

  1. It creates a welcoming and clean environment for residents and guests, and
  2. It creates a good name and reputation for the company managing the strata cleaning and bin management in Sydney, which can result in referrals and repeat business 

Managing strata complexes is a big task. 

Coordinating, overseeing and completing activities like strata cleaning, strata bin management and common property tasks like gardening generally require a team of people – it’s too much for one person to manage on their own (unless you’re superman or wonderwoman). 

Choosing a reliable, reputable and efficient strata cleaning company in Sydney can be a hard job – there are plenty to choose from! 

At TeamForce, we take the stress out of strata cleaning and strata bin management for strata properties in Sydney. With over 25 years experience in commercial and strata cleaning, we know what’s required and how to get the job done at an excellent level, each and every time. 

Part of our role as specialist strata cleaners is to provide a complete strata maintenance solution for strata properties. We don’t just provide partial services, we do it all! No matter the scale of the job, we can offer a personalised quote and tailor it exactly to your requirements. 

TeamForce are the leading green cleaning company! 

Strata Cleaning Services Sydney 

Every property has unique needs and requirements, however they all have that common thread of needing regular cleaning and maintenance.

Poor cleaning and presentation reflects badly on home owners and renters alike – no one wants to live in a dirty or unclean environment! 

Our expert team of cleaners provide high quality and effective strata cleaning services of internal and external common areas such as stairwells, lobbies, shared laundry areas, rooftops, car parks, swimming pools, gyms and driveways. 

With currently over 70 strata partners in greater Sydney, we are here to assist you with your individual requirements for strata cleaning and maintenance. 

Strata Bin Management 

Part of the general maintenance and presentation of a strata property is an effective waste management plan

This service is one of our routine strata cleaning tasks all around strata properties in Sydney. In common property residential sites, excess rubbish and dumped items can sometimes become an issue. 

TeamForce can take care of all your strata bin and waste requirements – everything from taking out the bins for collection, returning them, applying bin stickers and liners, sorting recycling bins and thorough clean and disinfect of bins. All of our work is delivered in a consistant manner to suit your needs and required schedules. 

Partnerships with our strata clients are built on consistently high quality work, reliable customer service and transparent pricing. 

Looking To Tend The Garden Too? 

If you’re also looking for some gardening assistance along with your strata cleaning or strata bin management services, TeamForce can provide gardening services to help maintain a beautifully trimmed garden. 

If required, we have the ability to also manage larger scale gardening and landscaping jobs for communal garden areas in strata properties – it just depends on what your needs are. 

Talk to one of our friendly staff on your exact requirements and we can provide you with feedback and an obligation free quote

Contact TeamForce – we’re a strata cleaning company in Sydney available to discuss your strata cleaning and strata bin management requirements. 

Call today: 02 9567 4526.

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