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Strata Cleaning, Strata Bin & Waste Management

Strata Cleaning, Strata Bin & Waste Management

Are you on the search for one of the reliable strata cleaning companies in Sydney? 

When considering the cleaning and maintenance needs of any strata property, these three tasks should always be included: 

Running a successful business and/or strata complex takes much planning and a lot of hard work. But one of the key things some people sometimes overlook when considering how they will run a successful business or successfully manage a strata complex, is the overall cleanliness of the premises. 

Bins needs to be taken out in a timely manner with an effective and fool-proof strata waste management system implemented. 

Not only is it healthy and hygienic to have a clean bin and strata waste management system, it’s also important for good overall presentation to the public, any employees or residents and other business partners. 

Strata Cleaning Companies Sydney 

At TeamForce, we understand that each person’s home is their sanctuary. 

As a trusted partner of over 70 strata partners in greater Sydney, we create simple and innovative solutions to your strata property needs. 

Get in touch with our friendly staff to discuss your strata cleaning requirements, we’re your one stop shop when it comes to strata cleaning companies in Sydney! 

Strata Bin Management 

We are not only the leading green cleaning company, we also manage bins and their designated areas for strata properties with tasks such as taking out the bins for collection, returning the bins to their area, bin stickers, bin liners and sorting recycling bin. 

Bins could be constantly overflowing and rodents or other pests could be infiltrating your waste systems. 

Take the hassle out of these tasks by engaging in an experienced and reliable commercial and strata cleaning company. 

We can manage your strata bin cleaning and management, green waste removal or strata waste management in Sydney. 

Strata Bin Cleaning

Unfortunately bins don’t stay clean by themselves!

Bins also need to be cleaned and disinfected. TeamForce provides a bin cleaning service as well as cleaning bin areas routinely to reduce any potential pest infestation.

A strata bin management cleaning service can be set up to suit your needs - one off bin cleaning or ongoing bin cleaning and maintenance. Pressure cleaning bins services are also available, if required. 

Green Waste Removal 

It’s important not to forget green waste removal as there are different protocols for disposing of different types of waste.

Removing tree refuse, branches, foliage and plants form part of our gardening service, and we ensure that these are all correctly disposed of.

Strata Waste Management 

Strata properties are unique in that they generate waste not just for one household, but for multiple households inhabiting a residential area. 

There could also be things like biological or chemical waste which also need appropriate handling and management. 

The burden of the generated waste may extend beyond the capabilities of the residents of the strata building and may require extra assistance to get things under control. 

Unfortunately with the increased level of urban style community living, many people are not fully educated on high-density strata style living environments and how waste can be effectively managed in these living styles. Everyone has to row the boat and be a good steward of their living area. 

Strata managers can ensure that all residents are aware of the garbage disposal and waste management procedures and/or rules, however it doesn’t mean all issues will be avoided. 

Remember it’s not just the day to day cleaning upkeep that’s important in a strata complex, it’s also important to keep on top of the strata bin management cleaning and strata waste management systems. 

A clean premises results in a positive experience for residents, visitors and anyone who sets foot on the property. 

If you’re on the search for one of the reliable strata cleaning companies in Sydney, contact TeamForce today to discuss your strata bin and waste management requirements, or for a free quote. Call: 02 9567 4526. 

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