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Handy Tips and Tricks on Keeping Your Workspace Tidy


Having a disorganised and untidy workspace can affect how your employees feel at work and this can ultimately affect their productivity and output. No one wants their employees to feel unmotivated! 

Appointing a reliable and efficient commercial cleaning company like TeamForce is important when looking to maintain an overall hygienic and clean environment, but what about the day to day things? What other bits and pieces can you implement or encourage to help ensure a clean workspace is achieved? 

Here are some handy tips and tricks you can easily implement to help keep the whole workspace tidy and inviting. 

  1. Implement a ‘tidying desk before going home’ policy 

A simple rule like this ensures that at the end of each work day, desks are organised, looking neat and are ready for the next day. This creates a sense of everyone being on top of what they need to do and starting the next day afresh with a clear mind and foundation. 

  1. Incorporate a spring cleaning day into employees schedules 

When the management and/or owners of a business place a high value on a clean workspace, then these values will be instilled into employees also. 

Setting side time to do a spring clean around the office for all employees at a dedicated time, for example twice a year, will help morale and encourage teamwork - with the ultimate goal being a cleaner workspace and clearing out things that aren’t required anymore. 

Send out a meeting invite to block out time for office cleaning time well in advance to work in with your employees schedules. 

  1. Clean digital spaces 

With the ever increasing cloud storage and digital filing, it’s never a good idea to overlook your digital file organisation. There’s no point hubbing all your information or files on a digital platform if it’s completely disorganised and no one can find anything anyway! 

Digital filing and record keeping processes should be clearly outlined to all staff so that the expectation is set from the start which minimises things getting lost. Sticking to a system ensures things can be easily recalled if needed. 

  1. Cable organisation 

Similarly to the point above, the increase of computers, laptops and digital infrastructure has increased the amount of cables we use. Not only is it dangerous to work around unsecured or hanging cables, it also looks really messy and can cause excess dust to build up. 

Strategically moving these cables to a less visible spot whilst having an organised cable system is highly recommended. 

There are many options when thinking about how to organise your cables, from under desk wire solutions, containers and cord straps or cable concealers. 

  1. Use proper storage methods for everything 

It’s always unsightly when things are just laying around and are disorganised. For example, kitchen drawers with cutlery just thrown in anywhere and storage rooms with no organisation and boxes or items piling up.. Investing in proper storage solutions for every area of the workplace ensures everything has a designated place which means less clutter. Each area of the office should be considered when planning out what storage to incorporate. 

Things like clear storage boxes with a labelling system, allocated storage rooms organised with designated shelving for different departments, professional filing systems for paperwork or archiving, drawer and stationary storage are just some of the things you need to consider. 

  1. Consider moving paperless 

We’re all aware of the benefits of going paperless these days, with less trees being chopped down to provide paper for things such as receipts, emails and forms. Another key benefit of moving paperless is the less physical paperwork you have in your office, the less storage you are going to require for filing it all. This ultimately means less paper trail being left around waiting to be filed or put away and a cleaner office. 

TeamForce are known as the leading green cleaning company in Sydney and can assist you when planning out your commercial cleaning requirements. All our cleaning quotes are customised to the individual requirements of your office space, and only include the things you need. We are proud of our reputation as high quality cleaning providers. TeamForce uses eco-friendly cleaning products which are environmentally sustainable and not harmful to humans. 

If you’re looking for help with your commercial cleaning in your office or workspace in Sydney, contact TeamForce today for a personalised Free Quote. Call one of our friendly staff today to discuss: 02 9567 4526.


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