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Importance of Using Eco Friendly Cleaning Products


Never before has using eco, sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services been so important. With the ever increasing concern around climate change and pollution across the globe, it’s become more than just a ‘good thing to do’ - many individuals and businesses genuinely care about the state of our planet and how the things we do and products we use can affect it. In addition to the planet concerns, more care factor is being placed on the potential negative effects of using chemicals around human beings and animals alike.

Traditional cleaning products have been known to be harsh on the environment and not beneficial for use around humans and animals. It’s one thing to have a sparkling  clean environment to enjoy, but it’s another to have a beautifully clean space without all the toxic waste or chemicals. Breathing in harmful chemicals can also have a negative effect on our bodies and organs, and how they function.

Overall, businesses are making more of a concerted effort in reducing their carbon footprint by adopting green cleaning alternatives and sustainable cleaning practices.

TeamForce are Sydney’s leading green cleaning company and only use the eco friendly range of cleaning products by Chemform Green. These products provide performance, quality, and safety, as well as environmental sustainability.

If you’ve been considering switching to an eco friendly cleaning solution for your home, commercial workspace or office, here are some of the benefits to consider.

Using Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Leads to Less Chemicals in the Environment and Less Packaging in Landfill

Generally traditional cleaning products are much less biodegradable than their environmentally sustainable counterpart, which means two things: first, the toxic waste from non eco friendly cleaning products going down the drains in our homes and workplaces ultimately ends up in our wastewater system with a much less chance of breaking down, if ever. This can lead to harming the natural environment and habitat and affect the usability of the water.

Secondly, due to their corrosive ingredients, non eco friendly cleaning chemicals are usually packaged in single use plastic. This ultimately means more and more landfill,  whereas green cleaning products are more likely to utilise recyclable and reusable packaging.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Are Safer and Healthier for Employees

 The leftover smell of strong cleaning products doesn’t make for a pleasant working environment, nor does it promote happy employees. Touching surfaces cleaned with toxic chemical solutions could elicit an allergic response for some employees or even things like skin irritations. This is not a safe and healthy environment for your workers and should be avoided.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Leads to Cleaner Air

We know that the air we breathe affects how our body works. No one likes the prospect of breathing in strong chemicals, not to mention we don’t really know how it affects our lungs in the short or long term. An eco solution by nature has a lower scent level and will not comprimise on the overall efficiency of the commercial clean.

Making some adjustments to your commercial, retail or office cleaning practices can make a huge difference in many ways.

At TeamForce, we only provide green cleaning services as we take responsibility to minimise the impact on the planet and our environment as a high priority in our business. TeamForce has also committed to offsetting our carbon emissions with the purchase of government-approved carbon offset credits for all our fuel and energy use by the end of 2022, and we maintain compliance with all applicable environmental legislation. This is our green promise to you.

If you’re looking for Commercial Cleaning experts with Eco Friendly Cleaning products, look no further than Sydney’s TeamForce. Contact us today for a Free Quote on: 02 9567 4526.

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