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Our Full Suite of Office Cleaning Services


Do you have a reliable and proficient cleaning company looking after your office’s cleaning requirements? It’s important you have a company that is trustworthy, professional and reliable to ensure your office space is always looking clean, tidy and presentable. 

TeamForce specialise in office cleaning services. Our full service goes above and beyond the office itself, and includes multiple areas around the office space which sometimes can be overlooked however also need attention. 

Some of the common office cleaning duties can include: 

Entry/Foyer Areas 

Your office entry is the first point of contact for employees and guests. It’s important that the area is welcoming and clean as it’s your first impression! 

Keeping the reception desk tidy with boxes and filing stored away is one thing, but things like clean blinds, empty bins, wiped down office furniture and desks all add to the overall feel of your office when entering. 

A streamlined cleaning plan with a professional company such as TeamForce, will ensure things like computers, desks and equipment are dust free and wiped down, along with vacuumed carpet and mopped floors. 

TeamForce uses eco-friendly cleaning products which are environmentally sustainable and not harmful to humans, so there is no need to worry about lingering chemical smells in your entry or foyer area or harmful cleaning product residue on surfaces such as doorknobs and light switches. 


No one enjoys cleaning the kitchen, however it’s a place that almost all your staff who are on site will use each day. Heating up lunches, preparing coffees and teas, disposing of rubbish – there’s almost always something to clean up by the end of the day. Not to mention, the upkeep and ongoing cleaning maintenance that’s required.

Things such as clearing out the fridge of old items, wiping down the inside of the fridge, recycling bottles, sweeping, emptying and stacking the dishwasher are all tasks that need to be constantly attended to. 

Although many staff will usually adhere to kitchen rules like cleaning up after themselves, generally it’s not a dedicated staff job to clean and maintain the staff/office kitchen. This is where a professional cleaning company comes into the equation. 

Bathrooms & Change Rooms 

One of the main areas that guests or visitors can judge a business on is the state and cleanliness of their bathrooms. No one wants to deal with a company who has a filthy, unclean bathroom. 

Internal and External Windows 

Often overlooked, cleaning windows is one of those jobs that can be scheduled in not as regularly, however it is still important. Potentially seen as a job done twice a year, it’s important not to forget to do this. Again, it’s all about the presentation of your business and creating a hygienic space for employees and guests. 

Car Park 

Ensuring the office car park is kept clean and tidy is part of your responsibility of maintaining your office space. Emptying bins and cleaning up rubbish in the car park are some of the things that need to be attended to. 

Keep in mind TeamForce can tailor the frequency of cleaning duties to daily, every second day, weekly or monthly, depending on what you may need. Some duties may be completed only on your request. 

We also offer a Deep Cleaning service which can be completed in your office space,  if there is an infection possibility, and especially with the rise in Covid-19 cases nationally. 

All our cleaning quotes are customised to the individual requirements of your office space, and only include the things you need. We’re known as the leading green cleaning company in Sydney and are proud of our reputation for high quality cleaning providers. 

Contact TeamForce today for a personalised Free Quote for your office space in Sydney. Call today to dicuss: 02 9567 4526.


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