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Commercial Cleaning for all Spaces!


Now that we’re all well into 2022, it’s a great time to assess your commercial cleaning requirements in Sydney. TeamForce currently serves many businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors. 

Perhaps it’s time you did that thorough office clean on all blinds that you’ve put off for a year, or maybe your external window facades need a good going over? With over 25 years experience as a leader in cleaning for commercial, industrial, strata, retail and office buildings, we can provide you with an obligation free quote to get you started. We strive for impeccable presentation standards with all our clients. 

What sort of space do you need cleaned - is it an open plan office with designer kitchen with general maintenance cleaning required, or a busy medical centre which needs extra attention in particular areas? Here are some of the sectors we currently serve and ideas on how we can help keep your space clean, tidy and hygienic. 

Commercial Spaces

As a commercial space, it’s important to maintain your internal and external surfaces so they are clean and hygienic. Our dedicated team understands the requirements of commercial cleaning services and will leave you feeling confident and happy with your commercial space. 


In a common property scenario, areas such as gardens, bins, driveways and unit block hallways all require attention to remain presentable and clean. TeamForce have been working with over 70 strata clients all over greater Sydney and we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a personalised quotation for your strata property.

Office Cleaning

When it comes to office cleaning maintenance, office workplaces generally deal with lots of foot traffic, kitchen usage and bathrooms that need attending to. So leave it to the professionals to ensure all your staff feel happy, healthy and are engaging in a hygienic environment when working in the office. 

Retail Cleaning

Your retail store is your first impression to customers. How they feel inside your store could ultimately impact on their purchase decision. We have extensive experience in working to clean boutiques, neighbourhood centres, malls and retail outlets.  

Places of Worship

It is a privilege to be involved in the upkeep of places of worship such as churches, cemeteries, memorial parks, mausoleums or funeral homes which can require special care, treatment and respect. 

Medical Centre

With patients coming and going to and from medical centres, it lends to an environment where many germs and viruses could easily breed. TeamForce take the utmost care and attention with medical centre cleaning services to ensure all those common areas are spotless and fresh for patients and staff alike. 


Students need a safe and clean environment where they can learn, have fun and experiment. Consistent cleaning of a high standard in all areas of the school is important so that all students and teacher staff are kept as safe as possible. 

With over 25 years of satisfied customers, we offer a bespoke cleaning service suited to your individual requirements! 

Contact us today at TeamForce to discuss your commercial, office or medical centre cleaning requirements in Sydney, call: 02 9567 4526.

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