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Take Advantage of our Building Caretaking Service


As Commercial Cleaning Experts in Sydney, we’ve come to know what our clients’ needs are and how to further support them. Not only do we provide bespoke cleaning services for the commercial, strata and industrial sectors, we also provide a Building Caretaking Service, further removing the hassle of managing strata buildings and environments.

Maintaining a property for owners, residents and/or workers can be time consuming and hard work. Not only is there Strata cleaning duties, many other bits and pieces need to be coordinated and managed to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently at a property location, with the end goal being the maximised utilisation of the space.

TeamForce will work with you on your exact requirements for building management services. Our building caretakers and concierge teams have been built from our extensive 25+ years experience servicing strata buildings. Our team are highly experienced in the day to day requirements of building management.

What is a Building Caretaker?  

Perhaps you’re wondering exactly what tasks a building caretaker could assist you with in Sydney. A building caretaker is appointed to attend to general tasks and duties around a designated property. Some of these things include:

1. Holding and maintaining a register all building keys and fobs. This includes the management of supplying these to authorised owners and sub-contractors when required. Appropriate security in high density buildings is something residents expect. Everyone wants to feel safe where they live and work.

2. Maintenance of building timers for lighting, pumps, pools and alarm systems. It’s important to inspect these general items around a property and ensure they are adequately serviced and in good working condition. This type of task could fall under the responsibility of a building caretaker.

3. Enforce the building house rules and by-laws. It can sometimes become a sticky situation when certain residents or tenants don’t respect the rules of common areas of a building. Appropriate signage can be installed and maintained and a building caretaker could liaise with the occupants of the properties if issues keep arising.

4. Carrying out minor maintenance around the property and maintaining a small inventory of spare parts. This can also include reporting any major maintenance issues to the body corporate manager when required. Properties could require hoses to be replaced, lights to be fixed or even broken door handles. Having a designated building caretaker can reduce the wait time to get these common items fixed, keeping occupants happy with their surroundings.

These are just some of the tasks a building caretaker from TeamForce could assist you with at your Strata building.

Building Concierge

When it comes to a building concierge services in Sydney, these personalised duties require a friendly, professional and courteous conduct. TeamForce has skilled professionals who can assist with these tasks such as assisting residents with things around their residence, booking taxis, opening doors, assisting with luggage and transportation or even making reservations for residents. Other duties can also include maintaining safety around the building by recording who comes in and goes out, maintaining the parcel log and keeping contents safe and secure or calling lifts for residents.

If you’re looking for a professional, experienced and trustworthy company to assist with building caretaking or concierge duties, request a Free Quote today, call TeamForce on: 02 9567 4526.

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