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Commercial Cleaning After Excessive Rain

Commercial Cleaning After Excessive Rain

If you’ve ever wondered if excessive rain can lead to additional commercial cleaning requirements, well the answer is ‘yes’! 

Over the past few months, we’ve seen an abnormal amount of rain across Sydney and the eastern seaboard. 

Rain doesn’t just affect us outdoor activity level, it also means additional cleaning is required. 

Heavy and consistent rainfall can lead to hazards such as slipping from flooding, fast mould growth or damage to building infrastructure. 

Cleaning Buildings After Excessive Rainfall 

Heavy rainfall brings obvious dampness, not just to everything outdoors, but it can also affect the overall temperature and humidity of rooms, offices or internal spaces in a building. 

Mould can start to form and grow very quickly after rain, internally and externally. 

Leaves and debris resulting from the heavy rain can also become messy and unsightly. 

Being quick to act! Engage an office cleaning service in Sydney or a good commercial cleaning company, who can help reduce the risks of mould growth with a thorough, comprehensive cleaning service. 

TeamForce are commercial cleaning experts and can assess your building and the cleaning requirements post excessive rain and provide you with a personalised quote. 

Strata Cleaning Companies Sydney 

Notice how lots of rain end up leaving the inside of buildings and homes with a dank feeling?

Have you also noticed that during winter, the windows are frosty and wet in the morning, sometimes taking hours to disappear! 

Over time, this constant frost and wetness in additional to dust and dirt can lead to a real mould problem. 

If an annual window clean hasn’t been conducted for a strata building, the conclusion of a heavy rainfall event should trigger the need to research commercial or strata cleaning companies in Sydney for an internal and/or external window clean. 

It’s important to remember that windows are cleaned not because they are wet, but because they are dusty, mouldy and dirty. 

Not only will mould continue to grow if it’s not addressed on windows, you won’t be able to see in or out of them either! 

Slipping Hazzards 

The unwanted amount of heavy rain can unfortunately leave entire suburbs of Sydney flooded, which also can affect strata and commercial buildings. 

It’s important that common entries to buildings do not pool with water, as it’s a slipping hazard. 

Of course buildings are supposed to be designed with good drainage systems,  however sometimes this doesn’t account for a very, or unprecedented heavy rainfall event. 

Cleaning Your Yard 

Around your home, slimy and dirty water on your pavements can potentially cause a fall or injury after heavy rainfall. 

Ensure to take extra care when moving around outside on the wet and slippery ground and consider a high pressure hose to remove the slime. 

TeamForce provide both routine cleaning and one-time office, strata cleaning and commercial cleaning services and can work to your specific requirements. 

With over 25 years experience in commercial cleaning services in Sydney and other regional areas of NSW, TeamForce can help meet your cleaning requirements. We have an array of experience across different industry sectors. 

TeamForce are a professional, approachable and green cleaning company in Sydney. Our cleaning products have carbon offsetting and are safe for use around humans and in high touch areas. 

Get in touch with one of our friendly team today on: 02 9567 4526.

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