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Retail Cleaning Services

Retail Cleaning Services

The retail cleaning services you engage could make or break how customers interact with your shopping mall, plaza or shop. 

When it comes to retail space, customer experience is a very important factor for consideration. 

Every retail store within a centre is vying for attention and trying to engage passersby, so it’s important to present the shopping centre and it’s fixtures in the cleanest and best possible light. 

Our retail cleaning staff are specially trained to clean boutiques, neighbourhood centres, malls and retail outlets. 

TeamForce understands the pressure on busy retail environments needing to look as neat and presentable as possible, feel and smell fresh and ensure your customer’s expectations of a clean environment is met. 

When planning your Sydney retail cleaning, services such as cleaning of fixtures, travelators, escalators, lifts, stairwells, appliances, toilets, food court and kids play areas should be included. 

How TeamForce Can Assist With Your Sydney Retail Cleaning 

When it comes to individual retail stores, it’s always best to oursource to the professionals. That way, the focus can be on your business – your marketing, your customers and your product or service offering. 

Trying to keep track of cleaning schedules and cleaning supplies are tasks that can take away from a shop’s primary objective. 

Why TeamForce? 

  1. We Partner With You 

TeamForce are more than a retail cleaning service provider - we work in partnership with you to deliver a clean and safe retail environment for customers and store staff alike. 

  1. We Work Around Your Busy Schedule 

When planning your retail cleaning services, we consider peak hours of operation and the varying needs during busy retail seasons. We plan our work to minimise disruption so that shoppers’ experience remains leisurely and carefree. 

  1. Our Expert Cleaning Staff

We have an effective staff retention strategy & training program, along with staff with years of retail and commercial cleaning experience.

  1. We Use Green, Eco Friendly Cleaning Products 

All our Sydney retail cleaning jobs use green, eco friendly cleaning products which are safe for use around humans, with carbon offsetting. 

  1. Transparent Pricing & Packages 

We provide all our clients transparent pricing so you know exactly what you’re paying for. This gives you the flexibility to pick and choose if there’s something you might not need, or something else you’d like to add in. 

Our packages are tailored to your requirements. 

  1. Updated Covid 19 Cleaning Practices 

Our commercial and retail cleaning services now include updated covid 19 cleaning practices if required. 

Our vision is to deliver the promise of being the leading green cleaning company with innovative solutions and longterm client satisfaction. 

With over 25 years experience in commercial cleaning services in Sydney and other regional areas of NSW, TeamForce can help meet your retail cleaning requirements, no matter how big or small your shop, centre or plaza is. 

We are committed to providing a clean environment for our clients and their guests to live, work and thrive. 

TeamForce are a professional, approachable and green cleaning company in Sydney. 

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