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Commercial Cleaning Checklist For Schools Over The Winter Break

Commercial Cleaning Checklist For Schools Over The Winter Break

We’re well and truly into the winter season here in Sydney, and for many schools, it’s time to book in a commercial cleaning service over the winter school holidays. 

The flu has certainly made a come back with a vengeance this year, with many students missing much more school than in previous years, according to many teachers. 

Some NSW public school teachers have reported to have just eight students in their classes some days this term. 

No doubt, it’s time now for schools to reassess their current commercial cleaning services and perhaps start researching a new commercial cleaning company in Sydney who better aligns with their cleaning requirements in this post-covid world. 

Australian schools have had to ‘up the ante’ with cleaning standards in schools to ensure the health and safety of staff and students alike, especially over the winter season. 

Now that the school holidays are fast approaching, schools need to have a clear plan on their cleaning requirements for over this break. 

It’s not just classrooms that require attention, there are many other areas within schools that require commercial cleaning services and green cleaning in Sydney. 


Carpets can be deep cleaned, steam cleaned or polished during the winter break by commercial cleaning companies in Sydney. 

Staff Offices and Break Rooms 

Staff offices can sometimes be overlooked with the focus usually laying heavily on children and classrooms. 

High touch areas exist in staff offices such as light switches, which may not get wiped down for a considerable amount of time. 

Offices and break rooms around the school may only be used from time to time and could be overlooked when cleaning is being scheduled. 

TeamForce recommends the use of green cleaning products in Sydney schools as they are safe for use around humans and on surfaces children and adults will touch. 


General cleaning of the canteen would be happening with the staff or volunteers who are working there however there are always over and aboves, like thorough cleaning out of freezers and fridges that don’t always get a look in. 

What about wiping down all shelving, checking any out of date packaged food and rotation, and cleaning the oven or popcorn machine? 

These are important tasks that should be factored into a school’s commercial cleaning schedule, especially over the school holiday break. 

If the time is never right due to the canteen always being in use, the upcoming winter school holidays break is the perfect time to schedule in this job with your commercial cleaning company in Sydney. 

School Halls 

School halls also need maintenance and regular commercial cleaning services. Dust and dirt can accumulate in these areas and storage rooms can easily be overlooked. 

TeamForce offer green cleaning in Sydney and are experts at identifying areas that require extra attention or care. 

Playground Equipment 

Playground equipment should be a normal part of a school’s commercial cleaning plan and should be regularly wiped down and checked that it is all in good working order by the on site school handyman. 

Dirty hands or food/drink spills on equipment can make the equipment and play area unhygienic for other children to use. 

You can also request disinfecting of the equipment, which will help with the longevity of the equipment itself. 

Stairwells & Entries 

It’s important that stairwells and school entry points are safe and clean for students to use. 

Spills, rain or slippery stairs are not a student’s friend – no one likes the prospect of falling over in front of friends or hurting themselves on an old banana peel that hasn’t been cleaned up properly! 

If you’re considering professional commercial cleaning companies for your school in Sydney, contact TeamForce today for a free quote and personalised discussion. 

We are a green cleaning company in Sydney and our cleaning products have carbon offsetting. We regularly provide high-pressure cleaning and covid 19 deep cleaning services for schools across Sydney. 

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