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High Quality Office Cleaning Post Covid 19

High Quality Office Cleaning Post Covid 19

High quality office cleaning in Sydney post covid 19 is imperative.

Remember the days when we used to go to work sick and people were even scared to call in sick?

Their perseverance was seen as a noble thing to do, demonstrating a commitment to the job.

Now, coming to work even slightly sick may be a thing of the past forever, given the changed social ettiquete and the expectation to not come to work when sick - all as a result of the original covid 19 outbreak years ago.

If there has been a virus circulating or staff off sick, the applicable working spaces should undergo a thorough eco friendly clean on top of the regular usual office commercial cleaning service. Regular office cleaning and sanitization does not replace covid 19 deep cleaning – this is a service above and beyond, particularly structured to address the threat of virus transmissions.

Surfaces and objects that may have been contaminated from a sick staff member and high contact areas such as toilets, door handles, kitchens, and other communal spaces need particular focus and attention.

Before staff return to work, a Covid 19 Deep Cleaning service in Sydney is also recommended.

What is Covid 19 Deep Cleaning?

It seems now that everyone is an expert when it comes to providing covid 19 deep cleaning services for office cleaning in Sydney and it’s become a bit of a ‘buzz word’.

Safe Work Australia outlines the minimum standards for a Covid 19 Deep Cleaning service which is what you should look for when engaging a commercial cleaning company. You can always ask this question when enquiring!

High quality and effective covid 19 deep cleaning services intensively clean your office methodically one space at a time. After the deep clean, the office is entirely disinfected from top to bottom.

A deep cleaning service can be scheduled for a weekend when the office is generally empty or after business hours.

If there has been a recent outbreak or potential alert, you can schedule your covid 19 deep cleaning service for your office in asap and TeamForce will do their best to accommodate your time constraints. In the meantime, employees can work remotely so the general day to day running of the business isn’t compromised.

TeamForce specialise in covid 19 deep clean services in Sydney metro and other areas of NSW.

Chemical Free Eco Friendly, Green Cleaning Products

With the unspoken expectation for clean office space, eco friendly cleaning is the way of the future.

Overall it’s better for the environment and you won't have to worry about the chemicals used by your commercial cleaning company and how they may affect you, your employees, or your clients.

Green cleaning products such as Chemform Green used by TeamForce provides performance, quality and safety. These products do not compromise your health or the cleanliness of your environment.

They are 100% safe for use around humans.

TeamForce Covid 19 Deep Cleaning Team

At TeamForce, our specialists' rapid response Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Team is ready to respond if you find out your office has been compromised. We can include preventative measures such as regular sanitation as part of your cleaning requirements for a thorough program.

As the leading green cleaning company, we use only the safest and reliable Chemform Green products to ensure your employees remain safe and healthy from harsh chemicals.

Consider adding regular Covid 19 deep cleaning services to your ongoing commercial cleaning schedule.

With over 25 years’ experience, TeamForce can deliver high quality and efficient commercial cleaning services for your office space.

Get in touch today and chat to one of our friendly staff to enquire further: 02 9567 4526.


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