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Refine Your Retail Cleaning Plan

Refine Your Retail Cleaning Plan

When it comes to cleaning, there’s always room for improvement and with the never-ending changes in the retail landscape over the past 2 years, you can never be too careful with thorough cleaning and maintenance. Retail cleaning services in Sydney have never been more essential!

Even with all the changes in people’s buying habits, there are some things that always remain constant: customers shopping around the retail calendar.

Items needed for school holidays, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day and the end of year Christmas period are all still required.

The pre and post-Christmas sales starting in December and ending with Back to School sales at the end of January, proves to be one of the busiest periods of a shopping centre.

With the increase of foot traffic in these times, extra retail cleaning services in Sydney are required. With the ongoing threat of coronavirus variants in Sydney, regular Covid 19 deep cleaning and sanitation services are a must.

Sanitising Children’s Play Areas

Shopping centres generally host children’s play areas and there’s an increase of kids holiday activities and pop-up leases catered to children during seasonal periods.

As part of your commercial cleaning plan, ensure you have the following lined up:

  • A dedicated and reliable commercial cleaning company specializing in retail spaces
  • Incorporate daily sanitation of play areas before or after the end of trade
  • Regular Covid 19 Deep Cleaning services
  • Use green and eco-friendly cleaning products which are safe for use around humans and in high touch point areas

Eco friendly and green cleaning products are made with plant-based renewable resources, are classified as non-dangerous, safe, and perform at a high standard. Not only will the use of these products be good for the environment, but it will also add to the centre’s sustainability initiatives and will cause no harm to your customers.

TeamForce specialise in both retail cleaning services in Sydney and provide second to none eco friendly commercial cleaning for all types of businesses and large scale shopping centres.

Bin Management Services During Busy Periods

During busy shopping periods you’re more likely to end up with overflowing and unsightly bins.

The tight rotation schedule for cleaners in a mall will suffice in the non-School Holiday periods, however in seasonally busy times, it is best to add extra cleaners in the shopping centre cleaning rotation to ensure optimum cleaning outcomes and a hygienic place for all customers to visit.

Keeping on top of you bin management means you can keep on top of hygiene and have less chance of viruses and outbreaks if rubbish is kept to a minimum.

Add Ongoing Covid 19 Deep Cleaning To Your Commercial Cleaning Plan

Customers trust that it is safe and hygienic to enter a shopping centre.

Since the covid outbreak, people can sometimes be hesitant being in public spaces for a long period of time, which can be detrimental to the turnover of retail outlets in a shopping centre.

Consider adding regular Covid 19 deep cleaning services to your commercial cleaning schedule for customers’ piece of mind.

Adding a Covid 19 deep cleaning service as part of the cleaning maintenance, especially in busy periods, will gain your tenants and customers trust even more and ensure their regular visitation.

At TeamForce, we offer Covid 19 Deep Cleaning with regular sanitation and disinfection to our retail cleaning service clients.

If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning company that specialises in retail cleaning services in Sydney, look no further than TeamForce who have over 25 years experience in commercial cleaning.

Call today and chat to one of our friendly staff to enquire further: 02 9567 4526. 

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