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Top Winter Cleaning Tips

Top Winter Cleaning Tips

Now that we’re all well and truly dressed in our winter woollies, it’s also a good time to get those cleaning tasks completed, that sometimes take a back seat during other busier times of the year. 

A commercial cleaning company in Sydney, such as TeamForce, can assist you with some of those cleaning jobs that you know need to be done, but you just haven’t had the time for. 

Get it all off your to-do list and start focusing on other important things that need to be done in your business! 

TeamForce have over 25 years experience in commercial, industrial, retail and office cleaning services in Sydney. 

Here are some of the not so regular winter cleaning jobs that we can assist you with along with your usual commercial or office cleaning service: 

  1. Clean Air Conditioner and Gas Heater 

Air con and gas heater units certainly don’t get a break over winter and cleaning those vents and filters is a job that can’t be ignored. 

Dust, grime and mould can form in vents, crevices and filters which can inhibit the performance of these appliances not to mention, blowing out dusty or mouldly air. 

Add this cleaning task to your normal commercial cleaning schedule or perhaps it’s the time for you to source a new commercial cleaning company or office cleaning services in Sydney to help you with cleaning these appliances. 

You’ll also find the air is much warmer once this has been done and the heating performance will be much better. 

  1. Thorough Clean of Fridge and Clean Underneath 

Yay to moving out the fridge to see what’s behind it! Well, maybe not yay, but definitely a ‘yes’ to moving the fridge out of it’s usual position to clean underneath and behind it. 

All kinds of goodies make their way underneath your office fridge and moving it out to clean behind should also accompany a thorough clean out of the inside of the fridge at the same time. 

A commercial cleaning service in Sydney can include wiping down all shelves, walls and drawers to ensure the fridge is clean and hygienic for ongoing use. 

  1. Deep Clean Kitchen & Key Office Spaces 

Get your office in tip top condition with an office cleaning service in Sydney. 

It’s a great time during winter to get a deep clean completed along with getting key areas in the offices cleaned and attended to, such as underneath desks or removing built up dust from powerpoints and cables. 

  1. Steam Clean Carpets 

With the increase of rain this year combined with the cold weather, it’s the perfect breeding ground for mould to grow and multiply. 

Keep ahead of mould and mildew forming by steam cleaning carpets in your office or commercial premises. 

Contact TeamForce to book an office cleaning service. 

  1. Internal and External Window Clean 

No one likes a window you can’t see out of, nor dusty window sills filled with cobwebs. 

Keep the office looking slick, clean and inviting! Schedule your commercial cleaning in Sydney today! 

One of the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company in Sydney is we are streamlined and fast at doing the job. You don’t have to do it yourself - get the professionals in to assist with your winter cleaning schedule. 

Contact TeamForce today for a free quote and personalised discussion. 

We are a green cleaning company in Sydney and our cleaning products have carbon offsetting. We provide commercial cleaning services and office cleaning services in Sydney. 

Contact our friendly staff today on 02 9567 4526.

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