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5 Easy Ways To Declutter & Organise Your Desk


When it comes to keeping your desk organised and clean, it’s so easy to let your desk get out of control with paperwork, samples, files or other things. 

It can be hard to be productive around clutter or piles of paperwork and it can be difficult to concentrate. A clean and ordered workspace can assist employees becoming more efficient and attending to actual ‘to-dos’ and getting their job done as there’s less visual distractions. 

It’s not just professional office cleaning that’s important, each employee and their individual desk space adds to the overall cleanliness of the entire space. 

So here are five easy ways of decluttering and organising your desk so it’s clean and tidy. 

Let’s dive in. 

Remove ALL Items First

Removing everything from your desk gives you a really good opportunity to spend a bit of time looking at everything there to assess if it’s still needed. Let’s face it, you probably don’t need half the stuff on your desk that’s currently taking up space! 

So grab a box and pop it ALL in and give that desk a good ol’ fashioned wipe down whilst everything is off! It gives you a completely fresh start when it comes to how you want your desk and work vibe to feel. 

Then, set aside some time to sort through the contents of your desk: what’s still needed, what’s for the bin and what can be archived and strategically place all ‘keep’ items back on your desk based on importance. 

Make Use Of Cabinets and Shelving 

Getting yourself a cabinet and proper shelving that is in close proximity to your desk, preferably within arms reach, will mean you will actually be able to store important items close by, without them cluttering up your desk. 

By incorporating labels for box storage and filing labels, you will be able to find all your important items in no time. It’s all about planning out where things should go and labelling them accordingly. There’s no point getting a great shelving system and then just letting it all pile up with no organisation or thought put into it. 

Get A Pinboard 

If you’re a visual person or someone who likes to keep important documents within reach, then a pinboard could be really useful for you. 

It means all those bits and pieces you need to refer to are still within reach but aren’t taking up precious space on your desk. 

Consider Going Paperless 

Switching to an online or digital paperwork system, or moving toward this type of system, is a great way to reduce paperwork which means less paper on desks and less time needed for filing it all away. 

Think about digital options for all your current paper items – calendars, to-do lists, quotes, filing systems… there’s always some way where we can all improve and look at paperless options. With the option of syncing to our phones, alerts can easily be set up for important reminders too. 

Implement a ‘No Eating Lunch At Your Desk’ Policy 

Although it’s tempting to keep chipping away at your work, eating lunch at your desk isn’t conducive to a balanced work day. You don’t get a mental rest from looking at a computer screen, and you may miss opportunities to have other employee interaction which can boost morale and promote teamwork. 

Eating lunch at your desk also creates more of a hygiene risk with the potential of crumbs and food spills. This can also attract pests around the work area. 

A simple rule like not eating lunch at desks will instantly promote a more clean and hygienic desk environment for all employees. It will also help to keep your desk organised for it’s intended purpose of completing your work. 

Putting into practice these five easy tips will help you and your employees be far more productive and save time as they’ll be able to focus on the things that need to be done when in the office. 

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