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Commercial Cleaning in Schools


The next generation have had a bumpy couple of school learning years with the combination of lockdowns, home learning and navigating through the world with Covid-19. 

Australian schools have had to ‘up the ante’ with cleaning standards and output in schools to ensure the health and safety of staff and students alike. 

Now that most schools have returned to a more normal looking school environment, home learning has gone out the window. This in turn with students who test positive only required to isolate for a limited time and any positive cases not requiring a complete school shut down – which means it’s ever so important that commercial cleaning within schools is completed a very high level. 

Although the classroom is one of the main areas for germs to cultivate simply due to the nature of children spending the most time in there, there are many other areas within schools that require commercial cleaning or deep cleaning services in Sydney. 

Office and Breakout Rooms 

Staff offices are another breeding ground for germs. With high touch areas along with surfaces and light switches that may not get wiped down for a considerable amount of time, this can lead to bacteria growth and promotion. Offices and breakout rooms around the school may only be used intermittently and therefore may be overlooked when cleaning is being organised. 

Chairs and Doors 

Door handles and chairs would be amoung the highest touch points for students and teachers. Although doors themselves don’t need to be wiped down constantly, the door handles should be and so should chairs. It’s important to include these things in your commercial cleaning plan for your school. 


Regular cleaning of the canteen would generally be happening with the staff or volunteers who are working there, but what about all the over and aboves, like thorough cleaning out of freezers and fridges? What about wiping down all shelving and cleaning the oven? These are important tasks that should be factored into a school’s cleaning schedule. 

Corridors and Floors 

Regular mopping and disinfecting floors is really important with the dirt, germs and other things that come in on students shoes. Corridors can end up dusty and dank unless a regular wipe down and clean is scheduled. 

Toilet Areas 

Regular daily cleaning maintenance is really important with high use areas such as toilets and sinks. TeamForce uses eco friendly cleaning products which are not harmful to humans. 

School Halls 

Similar to break out rooms and office, school halls also need maintenance and regular commercial cleaning services. Dust and dirt can accumulate in these areas and storage rooms can easily be overlooked. 


Playground equipment should be a normal part of a school’s commercial cleaning plan. Children may have dirty hands or food/drink spills on equipment making it unhygienic for other children to use. Disinfecting this equipment will help with the longevity of the equipment itself too. 


It’s important that stairwells are safe and clean for students to use. Spills, rain or slippery stairs are not a student’s friend – no one likes the prospect of falling over in front of friends or hurting themselves on an old banana peel that hasn’t been cleaned up properly! 

If you’re considering professional commercial cleaning for your school, contact TeamForce today for a free quote and personalised discussion. 

We use green products with carbon offsetting. We regularly deliver high-pressure cleaning and provide a waste removal service for schools in Sydney. 

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