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Tips On Keeping Your Retail Space Clean


Your retail space is the home of your products and services. 

Not only do you want to have a clean and hygienic retail space for staff and customers with the ongoing threat of viruses, you should also be creating a space that is welcoming to be in and presents your retail offering - your products or services - in the best possible light. 

There are plenty of tips and tricks when it comes to keeping on top of the cleanliness and presentation of your retail store – it shouldn’t just be an overall commercial cleaning service ensuring your store stays up to scratch. 

Here we’re going to discuss some of the things that you can implement on a day to day basis very easily. 

Daily Organisation of Products on Display 

No one wants to dig through piles of products madly searching for what they need - most people will probably just give up if they can’t find it quickly, or not even bother if what they need is all mixed up with other items and not clearly accessible. 

Assigning staff members to consistently check the presentation of products on display and reorganising may seem like a repetitive task, but unless someone is assigned to do this, it’s not going to happen by itself. Things get disorganised as customers come in check the shelf for what they need, so it’s necessary to constantly be organising your items on display. 

It’s also important to take into account that not all customers may have clear vision so making things easy to see and navigate through is essential. A good customer experience like this will help with closing the final sale. 

Daily Dusting & Wiping Down of Signage, Glass & Windows 

We all know dusting isn’t one of those jobs we shout out ‘hooray’ to do, but it’s absolutely necessary to keep dust at bay within a retail environment. 

Create a simple chart to outline which staff member is responsible for daily dusting of assigned areas, and wiping down of signage, glass and windows. 

These days there are plenty of eco friendly cleaning products on the market to ensure safe use around humans. 

Minimise Clutter & Utilise Drawer Storage 

It’s vital to keep the register and service area of your store clear, tidy and uncluttered. By investing in a simple drawer or storage system, all those bits and pieces you need can be easily stored out of sight but still be within hands reach when required. 

Floor & Carpet Care 

Create and incorporate a basic daily floor cleaning routine, along with attending to any dirt or debris gathered on the floor throughout the day. 

Always remember to quickly attend to spills if they occur. Have a fast response procedure in place for spills – who attends to them, with what equipment and what signage is required. The last thing we all want is someone to fall or slip within your business! 

Implementing these simple tips will assist in keeping your retail store in tip top condition on a day to day basis. 

Remember it’s not just the day to day cleaning upkeep that’s important in your retail store, it’s also important to consider engaging a professional commercial cleaning company like TeamForce who can manage your entire retail store’s commercial cleaning requirements

A clean store results in a positive customer experience, leading to them staying in the store longer and ultimately purchasing what they need and if not, more. 

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