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Introducing Angie – TeamForce Staff Profile

Introducing Angie – TeamForce Staff Profile

TeamForce are the leading green cleaning company when it comes to commercial cleaning services, and have an array of skilled and professional staff who deliver excellent results and outstanding customer service at each and every cleaning job, whether it be medical centre cleaning services or office cleaning in Sydney. 

This week, we go behind the scenes at TeamForce and sit down to chat with one of TeamForce’s key team members, Angie L. 

Angie’s been with TeamForce now for 2 years and 7 months and her role has evolved and developed quite a lot, over that time. 

We picked her brain this week to find out some of the great reasons she enjoys working at TeamForce. 

Let’s dive in! 

Qu. What do you enjoy most about working at TeamForce? 

Angie: Definitely building relationships with others. I think it has allowed me to get to know the culture here better, make friends and work in teams sharing ideas and different ways to work. 

Qu. What attracted you to working at TeamForce? 

Angie: When I started at TeamForce, I started as a cleaner and I wouldn’t imagine at that moment that now that I would be here in this position. 

TeamForce offered me the opportunity to grow and put my knowledge into practice and that was what attracted me. 

TeamForce is a company of opportunities - it’s not only about potential customers, it is also about internal opportunities too, which can change perceptions of employees making feel them important and valued. 

Qu. What are some of the key business values TeamForce stands by and demonstrates in how they deal with customers/clients? 

Angie: One is ‘we care’. The company is always working to complete all commercial cleaning jobs to a very high standard and quality.

Another value is to be professionals with the service we offer. We really care about what is happening and level of service we offer; we work together with the employees and the customers to provide better services and improve every day. 

Qu. What does your role at TeamForce involve on a day to day basis? 

Angie: My role here is HR & Marketing Coordinator. 

This role didn’t exist before which means TeamForce realised they needed to have a person to care for employees and make sure they want to be here - ensuring they enjoy their job and if they have any problems that there is someone here to listen and help. 

The past 6 months have been very challenging in this industry. During this time I have been learning a lot about our company culture, and I think this is my most important goal – help make the company culture positive. Ensuring the happiness level is high amongst employees, and especially, make sure that our team enjoy working here. 

Qu. What is one of TeamForce’s key strengths? 

Angie: The employees hands down! Because without them, it would be very hard for TeamForce to complete jobs with satisfaction. I know the majority of the cleaners and gardeners here and I can guarantee they give us their best to maintain our services with the best standards. 

Qu. Is there anything else you would like to mention about TeamForce? 

Angie: Yes, the company is growing and has a lot of projects, opportunities and plans to work on, so it is really good to work with a company like this! 

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning, industrial or retail cleaning, medical centre cleaning services or office cleaning in Sydney, get in touch with TeamForce today for a customised and obligation free quote. 

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