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We Provide NABERS Building Assessments and Building Management Services

We Provide NABERS Building Assessments and Building Management Services

Need a NABERS Building Assessment done? 

TeamForce are an Accredited NABERS Assessor and can provide this service for your building in greater Sydney and NSW, along with Building Management services

We’re all looking at ways to live happier and healthier lives, and most people would agree, we’d all like to provide a happy and healthy environment for our children and future generations. 

To help ensure a sustainable environment, we’ve become much more aware of how important it is to reduce emissions and our carbon footprint. 

You don’t have to be fanatical about the idea of it, but overall, it’s a great idea if as a community, we can collectively look at simple ways to help sustain our general atmosphere for future generations and live in healthier surroundings. 

Things like turning off lights and electricity switches when they’re not being used, switching to renewable energy and going digital or paperless are all things everyday people can do. 

On a larger scale, one of the ways we can look at reducing carbon emissions is through buildings and their associated activities. 

Engaging a strata or commercial cleaning company, such as TeamForce - who specialise in high pressure cleaning in Sydney could be very beneficial in this regard, as TeamForce are the leading green cleaning company making full use of eco friendly and green cleaning products assisting with your building environmental sustainability. 

A NABERS Building Assessment is a simple way of measuring true environmental performance of Australian buildings across sectors such as shopping centres, apartment buildings, office, hotels and many more. 

What is NABERS? 

NABERS stands for the National Australian Built Environment Rating System which provides simple, reliable and comparable sustainability measurements. 

A rating helps you to accurately measure and understand the true environmental performance of your building. It also provides a unique opportunity to identify areas for cost savings and improvements. 

How Do The Rankings Work? 

NABERS rating ranges from one to six stars for buildings efficiency across:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste, and
  • Indoor environment 

What Do The Rankings Mean? 

Similar to the energy efficiency star rating of your household goods such as your washing machine, the rating gives you an idea of where the building efficiency level is: 

1 Star – Making a Start

2 Stars – Below Average

3 Stars – Average

4 Stars – Good

5 Stars – Excellent

6 Stars – Market Leading 

The rankings last for 12 months which provides an opportunity for buildings for continuous improvement. 

No building is ever going to be perfect, but again, if we can all take steps in the right direction, more efficient buildings lead to healthier places for everyone and overall, it is better for the planet. 

Consider an eco friendly cleaning company like TeamForce for your strata cleaning solutions or high pressure cleaning in Sydney as part of your contribution to a sustainable environment. 

TeamForce have over 25 years experience in commercial cleaning and building management services. We’re proud to be able to offer NABERS Building Assessments as accredited assessors in NSW. 

TeamForce, the leading green cleaning company in Sydney and across NSW. 

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