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Commercial Floor Cleaning

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Floors get a huge workout, all the time. 

Non stop foot traffic day in, day out – now that we’re at the end of another year, no wonder you feel like it’s time for some commercial floor cleaning! 

Refresh and restore your floors for the new year! 

Although throughout the year floor cleaning such as sweeping, mopping and vacuuming have occurred, it doesn’t cover for intensive or high pressure cleaning and restoring of floors. 

It’s important to take some time to dedicate to commercial floor cleaning with a commercial cleaning company in Sydney. 

Commercial floor cleaning can help you maintain hard floors and restore the look of most floor styles, like concrete, tiles, carpet and timber flooring. 

So consider the types of flooring you have and how Teamforce commercial floor cleaning can help you today. 

Let’s take a look at some of the floor types. 

Commercial Floor Cleaning – Floor Styles 

All types of flooring have their pros and cons – some look nicer, whilst others are easier to maintain and clean. 

Irrespective of what type of flooring you have, as a commercial cleaning company in Sydney, TeamForce can assist with your commercial floor cleaning requirements – internal and external. 

We commercially clean all types of internal flooring along with providing scrubbing, polishing and deep cleaning services for external areas prone to dirt, mould and grime build up. 

  1. Carpet 

Although a lot of carpets these day now have stain resistant qualities, they still need to be cleaned and maintained to be looking their best. 

Carpet does look nice and give the impression of warmth however it can show a traffic pattern, wear and tear and can be hard to clean if there are stains. 

Commercial floor cleaning can provide an intensive cleaning option for carpets, keeping them hygienic and looking good. 

  1. Timber hardwood flooring 

One of the harder styles of flooring to maintain, timber hardwood flooring certainly looks appealing and modern, however it can get damaged quite easily with dents, scrapes, scuffs and scratches appearing over time. 

Timber hardwood flooring does require maintenance and treatment so it is considered one of the more expensive floor styles to have and maintain. 

  1. Engineered wood flooring 

Cheaper than timber wood flooring, businesses can get the look of timber without the price tag and maintenance or upkeep. 

Commercial floor cleaning can assist with the proper care and cleaning of engineered wood flooring, especially with hard to remove stains. 

  1. Laminate and lino flooring 

These types of flooring are easy to maintain which can be good for businesses with lots of foot traffic. 

Commercial floor cleaning can assist by polishing and deep cleaning laminate and lino style flooring. 

  1. Concrete 

High pressure cleaning along with deep cleaning services will help you clean your concrete flooring – internal or external. 

  1. Tiles 

Tiles can be quite easily maintained and cleaned through mopping but with hard to remove stains, more intensive deep cleaning services or high pressure style commercial floor cleaning methods may be required. 

  1. Stone flooring 

Stone flooring such as sandstone, granite or marble are very durable and look great too. 

Depending on the type of stone flooring will determine the amount of maintenance and care required when considering commercial floor cleaning. 

Give your floors that immaculate finish with commercial floor cleaning services, because first impressions count! 

Get in touch with our professional commercial cleaning team at TeamForce and we’ll get the job done for you! 

TeamForce is a specialised commercial cleaning company in Sydney. Our team is very experienced with commercial floor cleaning for all types of buildings, businesses and flooring types. 

The upcoming holiday break is the perfect time to schedule in your commercial floor cleaning so make the call today - contact TeamForce today for a free quote. Be sure to get in quick! 

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