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Staff Profile – James

Staff Profile – James

When considering your commercial cleaning services in Sydney, TeamForce are the leading green cleaning company. 

We have an array of skilled and professional staff who deliver excellent results and outstanding customer service at each and every cleaning job, whether it be retail cleaning services or eco friendly commercial cleaning in Sydney. 

Part of our transparent and personable approach here at TeamForce is that we appreciate our staff. 

This week, we go behind the scenes at TeamForce and chat with one of TeamForce’s key cleaning team members, James. 

James has been with TeamForce now for 6 years and the dedication he shows to his role has certainly shown. He’s respected in his team and enjoys working for TeamForce on retail cleaning jobs and eco friendly commercial cleaning sites in Sydney. 

So today James shares some of the reasons why he enjoys working at TeamForce. 

Let’s get into it! 

Qu. What do you enjoy most about working at TeamForce? 

James: Mixing with people. Being out and about amongst others allows me to build relationships and friendships, sharing life lessons and stories. Not only do we get our retail cleaning jobs done quickly and efficiently, we have a good time doing it too! 

Qu. What attracted you to working at TeamForce? 

James: The environment of working with lots of people. I’m not really a desk type person and I enjoy an environment where I’m travelling around and active in the community. Work is always going to be work but I was looking for a job where I could also work alongside other people. 

As a commercial cleaning services company in Sydney, TeamForce has provided me with that opportunity. 

As an employee at TeamForce, I feel important and valued which is probably one of the reasons why I’ve stayed so long. 

Qu. What are some of the key business values TeamForce stands by and demonstrates in how they deal with customers/clients? 

James: Some of the main ways TeamForce always tries to interact with the clients is with respect and professionalism. 

All the TeamForce staff including head office staff and the cleaners, show respect to one another and to clients. 

Being professional is also important for commercial cleaning service providers in Sydney. 

The training we receive at TeamForce focuses not just on the cleaning part, but also on having a professional level of service and remaining professional in all interactions. 

We care about the level of service we’re offering for retail cleaning and commercial cleaning service in Sydney - each and every detail. 

Qu. What is one of TeamForce’s key strengths? 

James: Building a friendly working environment – not just with other employees, but with everything we do! 

We consider our staff friendly and approachable and we’re happy people. 

I know the majority of the cleaners and gardeners at TeamForce and we all do our best to maintain our services to the best standards at all our retail cleaning sites. 

Qu. Is there anything else you would like to mention about TeamForce? 

James: TeamForce is great as everyone is equal and everyone matters. It makes us all feel happy in our jobs. I try to smile always as smiling at someone costs nothing, and can make someone instantly happy. 

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning services in Sydney, we’d be more than happy to assist! 

Thank you James for your wonderful answers to our TeamForce staff interview! 

At TeamForce, we have a successful retention strategy and training program that allows us to efficiently and effectively complete projects and maintain them to a high standard. Our people are the core of our business. 

In short, we have a team you can rely on! 

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning services in Sydney, retail cleaning or eco friendly commercial cleaning Sydney, get in touch with TeamForce today for a customised and obligation free quote. 

Call our friendly team today on: 02 9567 4526.

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