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The Strata Cleaning Specialists

The Strata Cleaning Specialists

Complete strata cleaning is much too big a task to undertake if you’re a one man band.

So when it comes to commercial cleaning services in Sydney who can help you with cleaning strata properties, TeamForce has been the ‘go-to’ choice for more than 25 years.

While we can help clean almost any kind of commercial organisation, cleaning for strata buildings and owners has always been one of our specialities. 

What is a Strata Property?

If you own a strata property then you not only own the living space, like an apartment or townhouse, but you also have a portion of ownership over the common spaces.

Common spaces include things like the hallways and foyers, gardens, any pools or outdoor facilities, lifts, stairwells; anything that is common to the different living spaces on the property. That’s a lot to clean and keep on top of! 

How Can TeamForce Help?

Owning a strata property means that there is more cleaning than you might have with other properties.

In addition to the living spaces, whose residents may or not be cleaning themselves, you also have all the interior and exterior common spaces to clean and take care of too.

There are a lot of tasks which go into keeping a strata’s common spaces clean. These can include vacuuming, mopping, dusting, window cleaning, bin storage, gardening, and even more.

Save both time and money by reaching out to TeamForce for your strata cleaning in Sydney. Sydney strata owners in need of high quality cleaning won’t find themselves in better hands! 

The Benefits of Hiring TeamForce

There are plenty of reasons you should consider a commercial cleaning service like TeamForce to help you clean your strata property in Sydney’s common areas.

These include:

1: Unmatched professionalism. TeamForce has the experience, state of the art equipment, and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies to give you the highest quality commercial clean.

2: No falling behind. By scheduling TeamForce for regular strata cleaning in Sydney, you can rest assured that you’ll never need to play catch up when it comes to keep your property spick and span.

3: Efficiency. Hiring TeamForce to clean your strata common areas means you’ll have more time for other tasks. Check on your other properties while we make the common spaces and living spaces sparkling clean.

4: Better health and safety. If you or those living on your property are doing the necessary cleaning, then odds are you’re still not getting the professional, thorough clean you need. With TeamForce, you can ensure your residents stay healthy and live in a clean and hygienic environment.

Make Sure Your Strata is Cleaned Right

Don’t let your strata’s common spaces become neglected.

With TeamForce, you can rest assured that every inch of your strata, both the common and living spaces, are getting the best clean they can.

Ensure everything from your bins to your hallways, your stairs and your carpark area are perfectly cleaned so that all your residents are living in the best space that you can provide.

For commercial cleaning services in Sydney, get in touch with TeamForce today.

To get started, simply give us a call today on: 02 9567 4526.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our strata cleaning in Sydney or any of our other commercial cleaning services.

We can even offer you an obligation free quote before getting started.

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