Building Caretaking & Concierge

Building Caretaking
& Concierge

Leveraging off our significant experience in managing strata environments and buildings, we now offer you a caretaker service eliminating the headache that comes with building management so you can relax.

We work with you in maintaining your property for the optimum use of the people who inhabit the space. We have built robust and knowledgeable building caretakers and concierge teams over our 25+ years of experience working with building and strata managers across Sydney. We are proactive and have an innate understanding of the essential skills required to assist strata in the day to day maintenance of a property.

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What is the difference
between a building
manager and a building

Building Manager


A building manager is appointed by the developer, owners corporation or body corporate. Their role involves coordinating the maintenance to optimise the good order of common property. Their role includes:

  • Creating and managing the asset register and preventative maintenance schedule
  • Organising and co-ordinating repairs and maintenance (to common property)
  • Issuing work orders and verifying invoices
  • Being an on-site contact for owners, residents and contractors
  • Periodic site inspection of all common property
  • Help identify by-law breaches for escalation
  • Registering common property access devices such as keys, swipes, and remotes
  • Preparing notices and communications, and posting to the building noticeboard
  • Record keeping of all services, costs and expenditure associated with contractors authorised by the owners corporation
  • Ensuring building compliance and safety is maintained, and coordinating certifications including lifts, swimming pools, fire systems, and roof anchor points
  • Obtaining and recording all documents from contractors (such as their insurance certificate and copy of a business/contractor licence etc.) to ensure compliance and regulatory requirements are met

Building Caretaker

A building caretaker has general duties and tasks. These includes:

  • 24 hour mobile phone monitoring – call out service
  • Respond to legitimate common property matters of the building, taking into consideration the time of day and the urgency of the matter
  • Hold and maintain a register all building keys and fobs. Supply these to authorised owners and sub-contractors as required
  • Maintain all building timers for lighting, pumps, pools and alarm systems.
  • Monitor rubbish removal and liaise with rubbish contractor as needed.
  • Enforce the building house rules and by-laws
  • Carry out common area cleaning as per the schedule
  • Carry out minor maintenance and maintain a small inventory of spare parts
  • Report major maintenance issues to the body corporate manager on an as need basis
  • Daily Duties
  • Visit the property at least 5 days per week, inspect and clean all public common areas, including the car park, pool, gym, lifts, garbage area, gardens and entertainment rooms if applicable.
  • Collect all rubbish and empty any common bins including cigarette butts.
  • Clean sweep/vacuum and mop all floors as needed.
  • Spot clean entrance doors and glass.
  • Weekly Duties
  • Inspect fire stairs clean if necessary and remove any obstructions.
  • Gardens and Lawns weed and mow as needed.
  • Monthly Tasks
  • Car parks sweep or hose.
  • Other Tasks
  • Inspect building pumps plumbing and common services as set down in the respective building manuals.

What is a Building
Concierge Service?

TeamForce provide the service of friendly assistants that are highly skilled in personal conduct and communication, as well as knowledgeable in industries such as hospitality. We offer concierge services Sydney that focus on quality, including:

  • Assisting Residents
  • Providing local knowledge to residents
  • Booking taxis
  • Opening doors
  • Assisting resident with luggage
  • Referring residents to cleaning services
  • Making reservations for residents
  • Maintain key log
  • Produce weekly concierge reports
  • Maintain the move in and notice diary
  • Maintain daily occurrence book
  • Maintain safety of premises and personnel
  • Access control
  • Calling the lifts
  • Maintain parcel log

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Teamforce have been cleaning our premises for several years. They do a great job and are very responsive to any requests from us. Their customer service team are really a pleasure to deal with.

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