Bin Management & Waste Removal

Taking care of your
property’s waste

Let us take care of your property’s waste from emptying, cleaning and disinfecting the bins to working in collaboration with the council in your area to help remove large or small waste from the property.

Швидке оформлення, кілька документів підтвердження особи та позика 9 000 гривень опиниться на вашій банківській картці з України.

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Якщо ви не хочете, щоб кредитор цікавився, куди ви витрачаєте гроші, візьміть позику на будь-які цілі на картку Україною.

Strata Bin


Dirty and unhygienic bins can be a headache for building managers and a source of complaints from owners and tenants. We can take this headache from your hands with our bin management service, which is one of our routine strata cleaning services. This includes:

  • Taking out the bins for collection
  • Returning the bins in its area
  • Bin stickers
  • Bin liners
  • Sorting recycling bins
  • Clean and disinfect bins as well as bin areas routinely to reduce pest infestation

Strata Waste

Excess rubbish and dumped items are at times unavoidable in strata properties. We can organise the removal of the rubbish and items by liaising with the council for pick up and taking the things out for curbside pick up, or taking the rubbish to the tip.

Strata Green
Waste Removal

Removing trees, branches and plants form part of our gardening service, and we ensure that these are correctly recycled.

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Amber Warner

Teamforce have been a fabulous service for our small business. Very hard workers and great customer service, highly recommend!

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