Gardening And Permaculture

Strata Gardening

The garden of a property is, more often than not, the building’s first impression. At TeamForce, we help you maintain a beautifully trimmed garden area, keeping it tidy, and be an area where people can relax and commune.

We also welcome big gardening and landscaping jobs, including green waste removal, as we understand that there may be times that the property requires an overhaul. We can also help you with removing trees, branches and plants, and we will ensure these are recycled.

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В рамках рекламних акцій МФО видають перший кредит без відсотків в Україні. Якщо ви хочете його отримати, заповнюйте анкету на сайті.

Швидкий і простий кредит без перевірок онлайн на картку оформляється за лічені хвилини в будь-якій точці України.



Healthy soil can hold up to 40% of carbon in the earth. At TeamForce, we are actively securing partnerships with Body Corporates to change the underutilised land area from eroded dirt patches to one that is thriving with garden life.

The average Strata block has as much as 33% of its land area underutilised. Sometimes it is an unused corner of a block, a place of dirt, untouched, perhaps full of weeds or an area that requires constant maintenance for little or no return.

We have established sustainable garden initiatives with the following methods:

  1. Raised Garden Beds Fruit Trees: Low maintenance fruit trees such as Tahitian Lime, Olive, Navel Washington Orange and Kaffir Lime, Curry leaf tree and Hass Avocado, seedless Valencia and seedless Meyer Lemon.

  2. Raised Garden Beds: These can be filled with perennial herbs and vegetables, for example, chilli, lemongrass, Thyme, Mints, Sage, Oregano, Rosemary and Warrigal Greens (native).Seasonal annuals, including bush beans (as seeds) and cherry tomatoes (warm season), can be planted too.

Through the use of Permaculture, you are improving the ascetic appeal of your property. You are reaping the rewards of this beautiful planet.

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